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Akaash Vani Movie Review

AKAASH VANI Movie Review: Engrossing & enjoyable

 Akaash Vani
Director :  Luv Ranjan
Music :  Hitesh Sonik
Lyrics :  Luv Ranjan
Starring :  Kartik Tiwari and Nushrat Bharucha

January 25, 2013 10:17:39 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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This is a relevant film for parents and youngsters. It deals with a very complex situation, does not give you any answers and towards the end, sends you home allowing you to form your own views. These are the elements which prompt me to give three stars to this film.

Initially, the film goes 'all over place' with director Luv Ranjan not able to 'compact' the story with a healthy screenplay. In trying to establish the romance of Akaash (Kartik Tiwari) and Vani (Nushrat Bharucha), he visits a college campus, throws in a little bit of ragging, a half a class, and two friends for comfort. That establishes the first half which explains that the two are in college for some three years and their friendship blossoms.

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Both Akaash and Vani then separate with a promise to meet at her sister's wedding in Dehradun. This would give her a chance to introduce him to her parents before he leaves to pursue his MBA in London.

However, that meeting never takes place. Vani's sister runs away during the mehendi ceremony as she does not want to marry the boy her parents have chosen; she was already in love with a boy from another caste. She assumed her parents would object. Vani is heartbroken seeing her parents crestfallen and on the receiving end from society.

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For six months, she is not able to bring herself to tell her parents about her love, seeing the torment they are in. Finally, her father decides who she should marry and she disconnects from Akaash with a phone call. Reason: She wants to keep her parents happy at the cost of her own happiness. She does not want them to face the barbs of society; she would rather suffer in silence, this loveless marriage.

So who is right here? Vani, who took this step to please her parents? Akaash, who did not push to pursue his love? Or her parents, who thought they were doing the best for their daughter?

This is what makes AV engrossing. There are countless young couples in love not knowing how to break the news to their parents and there are countless parents who think only they know which boy is best for their daughter. Both are right in their own thinking. A father always wants his daughter to be comfortable. A daughter on the other hand, at most times, is already in love when proposal day comes. And that is what puts most in a Catch-22 situation.

view AKAASH VANI stills
view AKAASH VANI stills

Kartik Tiwari is a gem. Nay, he is a genius. Just one film old and he never, even for a nanosecond lets his guard down as Akaash. Such method acting I haven't seen in a long, long time. Describing his performance would take a whole lot of adjectives, so I will just say, take a bow, Kartik.

Nushrat Bharucha too, complements Kartik 'scene for scene'. She portrays the various emotions from a girl in love, to one wanting to please her parents to the 'T'. The two are fiercely within the limits of the characters they portray. They carry off the film on their young shoulders with the experience of veterans.

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Luv Ranjan is lucky in this aspect. If not for these two super-confident actors, I am sure the film would have nose-dived. They keep the interest alive. Gautam Mehra too chips in with a fine performance.

The music is young and peppy, the cinematography of the hill stations breathtaking. If you are willing to pardon the initial hiccups, AV is enjoyable.

Do tune in to Akaash Vani.

Rating: 3.0

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