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Bajatey Raho Movie Review : When all hell breaks loose...

 Bajatey Raho
Director :  Shashant Shah
Music :  Jaidev Kumar, RDC, Vikram Singh, Honey Singh and Gajendra Verma
Lyrics :  Kumaar, Aseem Ahmed Abbasi and Honey Singh
Starring :  Tusshar Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Vishaka Singh Doly Ahluwalia and Ravi Kissen

July 26, 2013 09:37:28 AM IST
updated July 26, 2013 03:09:08 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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When all hell has broken loose and it's only the crooks left to rule the roost, it is time for the good to start its fight over evil. But is that enough? In India's first ever revenge comedy; you shall witness the fight of CON v/s EVIL to retain one's honour, integrity and prestige.

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This is the official first paragraph of the synopsis of BAJATEY RAHO.

To be fair to the movie, all hell does break loose; but no honour, integrity or prestige is left intact for the viewer. He is like a traumatized victim heaving a sigh of relief at the end. What did start of promisingly fizzled out into cheap cinema within five minutes.

Here is what the story is: Sukhi (Tushhar Kapoor) is out to avenge the honour of his father. His dad was wrongly implicated in a bank fraud by its maalik Sabharwal (Ravi Kissen). Being a sincere man, he dies of shock after he has been arrested. Joining him in his fight to clear his dead father's name is his mother Dolly Ahluwalia, friend Ballu (Ranvir Shorey) and Mintoo (Vinay Pathak).

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We learn from the synopsis that the woman implicated with Sukhi's dad is Mintoo's wife. It is not clear in the movie, though. With so much attention being given to 'breaking hell', the director felt it frivolous to establish her credentials. Like he did for scenes that followed: one shocking scene after another.

BAJATEY RAHO... I wonder if the title was a joke on the viewer! If it was, the makers have met their purpose. Barabar bajadiya!

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