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 Delhii Heights
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 Anand Kumar
 Rabbi Shergill
 Rabbi Shergill
 Jimmy Shergill, Neha Dhupia, Om Puri, Rohit Roy, Simone Singh, Vivek Shauq, Kamini Khanna

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View Delhi Heights Movie StillsIs this a movie on how a marriage should ideally work in an ideal situation; on how to compromise? Or on how not to let work tensions take over personal life; on how to beat work stress? Or on how to live harmoniously in a housing society? DELHI HEIGHTS would be better off if it was named ‘Dizzy Heights’, because that’s what exactly happens to you during the course of the movie.

The director is at a loss in explaining in exactly what he it trying to depict. The story is of Neha Dhupia (Suhana) and Jimmy Sheirgill (Abeer) two ideal youngsters working for rival companies. On how they are a happily married couple. However, they have no time for themselves with Neha and Jimmy both engrossed in wanting to take off their careers to another plane. Outcome: there is a crash-landing of their relationship, while that of Rohit Roy and his wife Simone Singh, which is rocky in the beginning, thanks to her husband’s Casanova ways, takes off smoothly.

Then there’s a bookie who lives in DELHI HEIGHTS, who began as a punter and who ultimately lands in the cop’s net for his interest in cricket matches. There’s also Timmy, a Sardar who cries at the wedding reception of his daughter, Sweety. Om Puri as Timmy puts in a stellar performance with his near perfect sardar act. There are also four teenaged boys who are out to have fun. Well, that’s about it…


View Delhi Heights Movie StillsThe movie balances on a weak script and as a result comes crashing down much before it even takes off. At the end, you have to wade through the debris of your mind, trying to figure out what DELHI HEIGHTS is all about.

The movie opens with a shot of Neha Dhupia’s shapely calves and ends with her making up with her husband, after their misunderstanding. If anything, this movie is an eye-opener for makers, of Jimmy Sheirgill’s talent. The boy has really shaped into a fine performer.

Special mention must be made of the styling of both the lead stars.

That’s about it. If you’re suffering from vertigo, give DELHI HEIGHTS a miss!

Ratings: 1/5


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