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FEVER Movie Review: Unbearable

Director :  Rajeev Jhaveri
Music :  Ranjit Barot, Tony Kakkar, Onesia Rathner, Shamir Tandon, Jacelyn Perry, Faizaan-Agnel, Rahul Jain, Rahul Bhatt and Tanishk Bagchi
Lyrics :  Tony Kakkar, Rahul Bhat, Subrat Sinha, Pancchi Jalonvi, Rajeev Jhaveri, Rahul Jain and A.M. Turaz
Starring :  Rajeev Khandelwal, Gauahar Khan, Gemma Atkinson, Victor Banerjee, Caterina Murino and Ankita Makwana

August 5, 2016 4:45:52 PM IST
Fever Review By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Hitch hitch, huff huff... FEVER is an example on how unbearably terrible can a wrongly realised Hitchcockian and Kafka dream can go under the turf...


Ironically, this movie is a pioneer in giving warning signals before it starts, Rajeev Jhaveri's film starts with a disclaimer which means the movie is a combination of fact and fiction from the beginning till the end and in the process it is difficult to find the beginning and the end. Yes life gives you a second chance, even if you have paid for a ticket, such warnings at least provides a hint of the coming torture.

FEVER boosts of an interesting star cast and to find out what the firangs (foreigners) - Italian Bond nari (beauty) Caterina Murino, British kumara (girl) Gemma Atkinson and veteran Bengali actor Victor Bannerjee are doing with our once TV heartthrob Rajeev Khandelwal generates a point of interest but alas Rajeev Jhaveri's thriller gets immediately cold in the picturesque locales where we see Armin Salem (Rajeev Khandelwal) wrapped in a shawl sitting on the side of a highway with Gemma Atkinson.

While Armin is in search of his identity, the next sequence shows Armin meeting Kavya (Gauahar Khan) and an accident lends him in a hospital where he wakes up with hazy memories of his past.

The only thing Armin knows is his name and the place where he belongs to - Paris. He is hallucinated by visions of a murdered woman, a haunting Kavya and the mysterious Ria (Gemma Atkinson). As he tries to find his identity, we are figuring out the main reason behind Caterina Murino and Gemma Atkinson entry in this toothless, forgettable jigsaw.

Gauahar Khan has meat in her role, the firangi balas (beauties) are gorgeous, the locations are beautiful and Rajeev adds to his winning detective/bond mannerisms seen earlier in small and big screens. That's all in the name of redemption in this touted suspense thriller that hangs in suspension of disbelief.

Makers like Rajeev Jhaveri are striking in their public affection for major figures in world cinemas like Wim Wenders, Fritz Lang and Hitchcock (the inspired props, t-shirts) proves it but sorry to say such 'fever' defaces their fascination more than failing to get the audience attention.

 Fever Review Rating : 
1.5/5 stars
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