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MAIN AUR CHARLES Movie Review: MAIN AUR CHARLES is a big yawn!

 Main Aur Charles
Director :  Pawaal Raman
Music :  Aditya Trivedi
Lyrics :  Kartik Chaudhry, Dr Sagar and Ikram Basra
Starring :  Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda, Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra, Lucky Morani, Alexx O''Nell and Mandana Karimi

October 30, 2015 12:29:03 PM IST
Main Aur Charles Review By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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I'm going to try my best to make you understand what I understood of MAIN AUR CHARLES. Prawaal Raman got creative, I'm getting too!

Charlie baba speaks with this rather twisted twang... Like this: ''You luk butiful.''

So za movy stats like dis. Zers an airplane in ze skai; we bin taken tu thighland. Charlie baba's legs and shoes are sown in ze frame. Gud shoes, gud pant.


Suddenly, ve are den taken to ze ozer country wher Charlie baba has committed a crime. Charlie baba smiling all the time. Ze zirector Prawaal Raman den kips going bak and forth, just like dat. He is having fun man, you see.

By now you know that zis is like a zocumentary on Charlie baba who is always smoking all ze time. Raman baba brings on screen girls in various states of undress. In one corner he shows Charlie baba smiling as ze gals zisrobe. I zon't no what funny he see in dis.

Now Charlie baba who is cot is escaped from prison in India. Adil Husain is sum big shot cop who just souts and souts. He souts at his zuniors. He souts at his wife. He souts at Charlie baba. He souts at the student criminal loyer, Richa Chadda. Den he giving gyan to Chadda baby on how bad Charlie baba iz. But Chaddha baby iz in lurve with Charlie baba.

Now yu see Charlie baba ezkapes to Goa. Zende baba is called to nab him. Zende takes his tim to Goa. He see Charlie baba in hotel and catches him. Zende baba in now famous. But yu see, Charlie baba wanted to go to prison. We are tolde zat he need to spend 20 years out of Thailand wer he is wanted for a crime.

So India is safe for him yu see. Wait, wait a minute. Wen Charlie baba is cot in Goa, Bombay and Delhi police fighting for his kustode. Funny no. Criminal cot. Police fighting!

Charlie baba haz maney pazports. He spiks 18 languages. Cool man. Not afraide of anyting.
Anywayz, Husain souts and souts and manages to get Charlie baba konvicted. Charlie baba happy. Den Raman baba sowz us some more airplanes, some more ladies in bikenies.

Den before long movie gets over. We happy you see, becoz Charlie baba doing wot on screen, I zon't no.

Randeep Hooda, in ze beginning luks kul. But zen he keeps getting repetitive. What I liked best waz the background music every time Charlie baba came on ze screen... Zang zang zang zang zang zang zang... den this very gud drum roll. Dis is ze best part of ze movie.

Yez, I alzo saw Lucky Morani, hu came for brief moments. She luked completely with it. Confident wit a strong screen presence.

Same canot be sad about Chaddha and Chopra Tisca. Tisca like dis doormat, educated but takin crap from souting Husain. Chaddha luks lost in the script. Sumwhere in between she luzez confidence in her part.

But for me, I happie. Becoz, now I can go home. Charlie baba antics on screen are ovar. I give too starz bekoz I like muzik, and Charlie baba's spectacles! |

 Main Aur Charles Review Rating : 
2/5 stars
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