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   Movie Review : It's Breaking News

 It's Breaking News
Director :
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Starring :
 Vishal Inamdar
 Kaushal Inamdar
 Koel Puri, Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh, Vinay Apte, Harsh Chhaya,

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IT’S BREAKING NEWS zooms in its lens to uncover the dark side of television journalism. Does it succeed? In a way, yes. Will it make a difference? Can’t say. Does it have a place for the faint hearted? NO. So what does this movie finally succeed in portraying? That television journalism is not about truth, that it has more ‘sting’ and that it is all about TRPs and scoring over rival channels. It’s also about poaching and job-hopping. An actor in the beginning rightly says, “There is no loyalty left among journalists.”

And why should there be? I mean every other day there are new channels popping up and the scene has never been so brighter for journos. The offers are simply tempting. So if today Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh (Bala) is working with Dateline TV, tomorrow he moves on to Sach TV and a week later he is bureau chief of Hum Log TV!

Though the movie deals with the business aspect of a channel, it also dwells on the human side of the journalists working there and the power play wherein stories involving top ministers or their sons are not aired fearing a backlash. It’s only the smaller fish that get stung. Do I see Shakti Kapoor and Aman Varma nodding their heads in affirmation?

Koel Purie (Vidya) is one such journalist who wants to expose the truth. But she finds stiff opposition from within her own organization, which prefers to gloss over the ‘sex and crime’ angle, rather than worry about the victim, on whose shoulders they have trained their guns. A case in point is a particular sting operation which involves a top cop. Disgusted with this attitude and upset that her edited version was not aired; Koel decides to fight for the victim’s justice. In the end, she realizes that there are not many takers for the truth as the victim does a volte-face.

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Director Vishal Inamdar has got the look and feel of the film right with correct picturisation and excellent selection of the star cast. Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh (Bala) who is the star ‘sting operator’ of Dateline TV has been used sparingly and interestingly to spice up the moments. So also the supporting cast. Harsh Chhaya as the corrupt S P Gupta, Vinay Apte (DIG Dandekar), who gets trapped in the sting operation, and Virendra Saxena all impress in their brief but meaningful roles.

But it is Koel Purie that impresses the most in her portrayal as a television journalist. The girl has done her homework right; right from the way she dresses to the attitude to her body language, it all falls in place for her. Does it have something to do with having a father who is a media magnate? Maybe!!!

IT’S BREAKING NEWS makes a lot of sense. It’s the closest you will get inside a television station. Do tune in for the headlines…

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