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 Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon
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Starring :
 Sooraj Barjatya
 Anu Malik
 Dev Kohli
 Kareena Kapoor, Hritik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan

By Kshama rao

Like the leap year, Sooraj Barjatya's films too come once in four years or thereabouts. So naturally his latest offering Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon was much awaited. The promos of the film had already shown that it was a breakaway from his earlier films. There were no shaadis, no elaborately dressed extended families, no devars and bhabhis and certainly no antaksharis! Yes, Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon is different from Sooraj's earlier films but is oh-so-similar to the various love triangles we have already seen in so many films. Yes, there are no women making gajar ka halwa, instead you have only hyper mother who makes methi ke parathas and badam ka doodh. Yes, you don't have antaksharis and sangeet ceremonies, you have Valentine's Day! And last but not the least you have not one but two Prems who are vying for the leading lady's attention. Alas! Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon is a modern look (new and expensive wine in an old bottle) at the Barjatyas' own film Chitchor (which had Zarina Wahab, Amol Palekar and Vijayendra Ghatge in leading roles) which was about mistaken identity.

All's well in picturesque Sundernagar (supposed to be India's answer to heaven but shot on a breathtaking foreign location) where Sanjana (Kareena Kapoor in navel-peeping tops) is cooing a ditty with her five friends at Sophia College. Her father is a publisher (Pankaj Kapur, aptly cast) who dotes on her while mom (Himani Shivpuri, over the top) dreams of getting Sanjana married off just like the way her elder sister, Roopa (Tanaaz Currim) has been married to an NRI. Roopa emails her parents about Prem Kumar (Abhishek Bachchan), a business tycoon who intends to set up a project at Sundernagar. His mother's (Rima) only wish is to see her introvert-son smile and settle down to an "acchi Hindustani" girl. Naturally, Roopa wants him to see her younger sister Sanjana. Girl's mom is thrilled while "papa's pari" would rather not see her prospective groom.

Enters Prem (Hrithik Roshan) with a bag that reads 'I'm happy'. Sanjana's family likes him at once and after a couple songs, Sanjana too eventually comes around. He's indeed the man of her dreams, the kind she always wanted to marry. A few scenes later, Roopa informs her parents via email that Prem Kishen and not Prem Kumar has come to Sundernagar while the real guy will be visiting Sundernagar shortly. But no sweat, Prem Kishen is Prem Kumar's employee-cum-college-friend and a 'sharif ladka' but not "good enough" to consider marriage. So Sanjana now better start her coy-girl act once again with the new Prem Kumar. Of course, unlike her mother and sister, Sanjana knows where her heart is and has her papa's support too! Meanwhile, Prem Kumar too is smitten by Sanjana but the right guy has to get the right girl and so after a long-drawn climax, Sanjana and Prem walk away hand in hand.

The film has its fair share of plus and minus points. First the downs: a predictable climax and an outdated storyline. It's a little difficult to believe that Prem Kishen not once suspects of some confusion on Sanjana's parents' part. Worse, he never tells them that he is just an employee and was instead sent to Sundernagar since his "boss" is away in Japan. The parents, especially the mother, get so carried away that they let their daughter spend time with Prem till 2 in the morning without crosschecking facts. One song with Sanjana and the shy, reticent Prem Kumar is transformed for life! IT's a little difficult to believe that for a globetrotting businessman like him, Prem Kumar didn't find anyone to make him smile except Sanjana? Also, the relationship between the two Prems or rather how close they are is not clear enough.

About the plus points, Sooraj has handled some of the scenes very well, especially the Valentine's Day sequence when Prem Kishen proves his love for Sanjana. It's simply romantic. Then the scenes when Prem Kishen comes to 'see' Sanjana at her house and the way she behaves with him. Also, the climax when Sanjana breaks down and makes the decision of her life. Really, for once, Sooraj has shown his heroine to have courage enough to decide, who she wants to marry!

Anu Malik's music is good in parts and the songs come too many too soon. Rajan Kinagi's cinematography peps up the locations. About the performances, Pankaj Kapur as Sanjana's father and the voice of reason is super. Abhishek is nice though he's hardly any scope for histrionics. Hrithik goes over the top in the entire first half. In the process of making Prem Kishen so special, he ends up making it look like a caricature. Finally, it's Kareena with the looks of a princess, who infuses Sanjana with a bit of mischief, dollops of sensuality and a lot of sensitivity. She is definitely a cut above the two Prems.

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   Viewer's Feedback

It is a very sweet movie . Hrithik and Kareena make a great pair and they should do more movies together. No doubt Hrithik over acted but his pairing with Kareena is so special . The socond half is better than the first one and all song picturisations were good. Mr. Barjatiya , next time please do not use Chitra for play back singing. She has ruined all the songs.
- Shabnam

Movie was so so i was not pleased with the preformances and hritkh was getting on my nerves! the guy was a way too too hiper and needs to cut down on sugar like seriously! keerena was ok 4 once she was not too loud and abnouxsious (like hrithk)and i thought the picturisation 4 the songs was good. over all i liked the way abhishek acted. he stole the show quietly. p.s. i thought the song aur mohabatta hai... was the best in the movie!
- Pallavi

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