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   Music Review : Luck By Chance

 Luck By Chance
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Zoya Akhtar
 Javed Akhtar
 Farhan Akhtar, Konkona Sen Sharma, Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia and Hrithik Roshan (special appearance)

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view LUCK BY CHANCE videos

The unbeatable team of Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani and the composer trio of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy have always enthralled the music lovers all over the world with music that is not only entertaining, innovative but at the same time intellectually fulfilling. Right from their first film DIL CHAHTA HAI to their last, ROCK ON!!, the music department has been brilliant. Even films like LAKSHYA and HONEYMOOON TRAVELS PVT LTD, which did not do as well (commercially) as their other ventures, had memorable music. S-E-L's last film, the super-hit ROCK ON!!, based on rock music, has assumed the status of a cult movie and paved way for many more small budgeted, lesser known star cast films to follow.

The trio have never feared to experiment and their move to introduce Farhan as a singer in ROCK ON!! (when they could have gone in for any top singer!) proved to be a masterstroke in the musical as well as commercial success of the film. Their next film, LUCK BY CHANCE, becomes all the more special as it marks the (delayed) directorial debut of Zoya Akhtar, sister of Farhan Akhtar and daughter of Javed Akhtar, and thus this is an all family affair. Moreover, the banner (Excel Entertainment) has the support of Big Pictures, a reliable production house, and so once again expectations are sky high from the versatile team. So, let's go ahead and check out their latest musical bonanza!

S-E-L rope in their friend and colleague, Shekhar Ravjiani along with Loy himself for the first track of the album, 'Yeh Zindagi Bhi', a trademark DIL CHAHTA HAI title song kind of composition. The hangover is evident especially in the 'mukhda'. The arrangements are minimal and the vocals of the lead singers stand out, especially in the chorus which is absolutely brilliant. The superb display of soft synthesizers, subdued drums, guitar and piano, along with the brilliant chorus make for a lovely situational cum inspirational track. The lyrics are philosophical in nature and they can inspire even the most laid back as they give the message that sky is the limit and one should never give up - 'Choone hain tare isse, Chahiye saare isse, Jo palkon ke tale, Hai apne sapne lekar chale'. Lovely thoughts, sung in a beautiful manner.

The soul enchanting 'alaap', giving the impression of a pure classical offering with superb 'dholak thaaps', tabla, harmonium sounds meet rollicking Rajasthani folk and techno beats and the result is an amazing fusion (trademark S-E-L) track in the form of 'Baawre'. This fusion is enhanced as the song takes on a rockish hue which meets desi Rajasthani folk and to top it all there is a superb qawwali touch in the 'antara'. Shankar is at his vociferous best as he superbly ups the tempo with his rendition (we mean 'sur') which changes with the change in the 'taal' and 'lai' but at the same time itís in keeping with the momentum of the track. The support singers (Loy and the Khan group), especially in the background and the classical part are the jewels in the crown and they match the lead singer, Shankar note for note. As this song is a group composition and so the laurels should be shared by all.

The 'Baawre-remix' is space filler and there was absolutely no need to tamper with the amazing original. All said and done, the remix is a job well done!



view LUCK BY CHANCE movie stills

view LUCK BY CHANCE movie stills

Magical display of piano by Loy Mendosa herald a beautiful love ballad, 'Pyar Ki Daastan'.The melody may be oft repeated and has once again the signature tune of S-E-L stamped all over it but makes for a pleasant hear all the same. Indian Idol finalist, Amit Paul regales us with his mellifluous rendition and he is ably supported by the honey laden vocals of the talented but rarely heard, Mahalaxmi Aiyer.

Nice soothing guitar strums, bead sounds and percussion instruments commence 'Yeh Aaj Kya Ho Gaya' and no, it's not another romantic number. It's actually a situational track as the female lead gears up to face the world and its challenges with a positive attitude and in a determined demeanor. The drumming and the plate sounds are beautiful and this is one track that comes as close to as soft rock as possible. The lyrics by Javed Akhtar once again are top class as they blend beautifully with the situation. Sunidhi shows that she is just not about item numbers and can sing any type of song with aplomb and here she proves her versatility in a number which conveys innocence and beauty of life if taken whole heartedly.

The first few promos of LUCK BY CHANCE carried the beautiful 'Sapno Se Bhare Naina' and one immediately knew that S-E-L have another winner on hand. And once we listen to the whole song we couldn't be more correct. Guitar strums in the beginning give the impression of an upcoming rock track but they are rightfully present throughout, giving adequate company to some top class melody, that is totally 'raaga' based. This is Hindustani classical at its entertaining best. We have had a few classics based on this raag like Lata Mangeshkar's ''Na Jiya Laage Na' (ANAND). Shankar's knowledge of Carnatic music comes in handy as he effectively and effortlessly handles the crest and troughs with elan... Hear him as he goes 'naina' in so many different 'surs'! He is simply awesome! Trance meeting techno is absolutely divine and one must commend S-E-L for making even classical music appealing, a feat achieved years later after the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Javed Sahab too needs to be applauded for the lyrics which portray a disturbed and uncertain state of mind so well, and in such simple Hindi, which comes across strongly. All in all a gem of a track. Hats off!

For all those who have relished and are still in love with the music wizard A.R.Rahman's 'Yuhin Chala Chal' (SWADES), here is the number on the same track that brings the album to a superb climax. Yes, we are talking about 'O Rahi Re', semi-classical number. Another situational and thought provoking number that dwells on the uncertain state of mind of the lead male protagonist, who is at cross roads regarding important decisions in life. Our 'salaam' to Javed sahab for some amazing words, the poetry that he pens down weaves magic, using simple words. 'Ek rasta kaaton ka hai, Ek rasta phool ka, Tujh pe hai kaun se tu raste ko chune, Ek rasta hai soch ka, Ek rasta bhool ka, Tujhpe hai tera dil ab kya kahe kya sune'.

Rating: 4/5

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