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Music Review : Radio

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 Ishaan Trivedi
 Himesh Reshammiya
 Subrat Sinha
 Himesh Reshammaiya, Shezaan Treasurywala

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Once the reigning composer of Bollywood, it was Himesh whose songs were heard in every nook and corner of India , and Himesh emerged as a true rock star. But since the excess of anything is bad and so it was with Himesh , who instead of trying to change his monotonous (although much loved ) style was just making hay while the sun shines and ultimately people got tired of his nasal singing and his last outing, Satish Kaushik's musical offering KARZZZZ turned out to be a debacle . So after lying low for quite a while, Himesh is back with another musical offering in form of RADIO. Will RADIO prove to be another similar sounding nasal crooning songs or will Himesh get his act together and show us his vintage touch of TERE NAAM, KYON KI etc ? Well, lets get on and see what Himesh has on offer.

First strums of the guitar and Himesh's opening prelude announcing the commencement of the first song of the album, ''Mann Ka Radio'' are a precursor to what an amazing theme song lies ahead. Composer, singer Himesh, the one man army, steals the show with a superb all round performance. As a singer he reinvents himself by singing in a very normal tenure, only later in the 'antara' does he go nasal, but that too only for a short while. The rhythm is haunting, the arrangements mindblowing. What an eclectic mix of synthesizers and guitaring that mark this song of broken dreams and hearts. A number which is slightly in a 'hat ke' league and will definitely take a while to grow. Lyricist Subrat Sinha is a class act, the lyrics may appear a bit funny at first , but if given a careful hear, they have an inherent message attached which is an entertaining way of inspiring and making people forget their worries and blues. 'Kya hoga kya nahih hoga yeh upper wale pe chhod de, Aaj is pal mein tu zindagi ko jee le zara, Tujh ko akaash ki vaani ka hai aasra.'.This will certainly appeal to the GenX.

The remix version of ''Mann Ka Radio'' has been reworked, and it shows in its careful mixing of added beats and rhythm which makes it more dance oriented.

The next number ''Zindagi Jaise Ek Radio'' is based entirely on the extremely popular Punjabi folk, ''Baari barsi khatan gayasi'' that has been incorporated into many Bollywood numbers and so this song has nothing new to offer. The only novel aspect in the song is the hilarious and at times philosophical lyrics by Subrat Sinha. ''Zindagi jaise ek radio, Alag alag dhun sunati hai, Kabhi happy karde, Kabhi sad banaye.' Himesh sings in his vintage nasal style and the background musical arrangements are fast paced with lots of synthesized rhythm.

The remixed version is not much different from the original and comes just as a space filler.

So if you all thought that the Himesh of TERE NAAM and KYON KI, who thrived on lilting melody is lost forever after AASHIQ BANAYA APNE, here is a good news. He is certainly not a gone, as he proves in this gem of a love ballad, ''Jaaneman.'' It is pure and unadulterated melody that reigns ever since the first pluck of the guitar, which commence the song. An absolutely brilliant number sung excellently by Himesh and Shreya . The minimal music arrangements make this soft romantic number all the more likeable. Mushy lyrics add to the advantage and the song will surely rule the hearts and charts.

Vishal Bhardwaj's talented wife, after a super successful ''Raat Ke Dhaai Baje'' (KAMINEY) comes back to sing for Himesh in a semi-classical based number, ''Piya Jaise Ladoo Motichoor Wale''. And needless to add that she is brilliant as these types of songs are her forte. Who can forget her immensely popular ''Genda Phool'' (DILLI 6). 'Shehnai' sounds commence the number that will appeal to the elite audience. Keeping up with the classical touch the use of instruments like 'tabla', 'sitar', 'shehnai' and harmonium has been generously used. Himesh comes in briefly to add pep and zip to the number and the overall effect of the song is mesmerizing. Take a bow Himesh Reshammaiya!

''Piya Jaise Ladoo Motichoor Wale remix'' -There was absolutely no need of remixing this classy number as the originality that lay in its pure version is lost and so is the charm.

view HIMESH RESHAMMIYA picture gallery

view HIMESH RESHAMMIYA picture gallery

''Koi Na Koi Chahe'' is another love song, almost in the same league as ''Jaaneman''. Purely melody based, although the song is more on the slower side and the focus is entirely on the singing by the singers Himesh and Shreya. At times only clicking of fingers is heard in the background. Himesh has done a good job as a singer, but it would have been better in the interest of the song to have someone like Sonu Nigam or K K to have sung it. The queen of melodies Shreya is excellent as usual. Though the song may have appeal only for the class audience.

Lovely piano notes commence ''Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasman'', a brilliant track that has been handled well by the superlative joint efforts of the singers Himesh and Shreya. The 'mukhda' is unique with Shreya singing the soft parts while Himesh conquering the higher notes with ridiculous ease, and this is the highlight of the track. A song that grows on repeated hearing , in fact this is one number that one would like to put on the play mode and hear it over and over again to calm the senses and get into that senti mode.

Vigorous 'dhol' beats, harmonium sounds and Kailash Kher's robust earthy vocals herald the start of ''Damadji Angna Mein Padhare'', based on North Bihar's most loved folk song sung during marriages and ceremonies. But once Himesh enters, the song takes a different route (inspired from popular sufi folk ''Chhap Tilak Sab Chhini) and this mix and match continues making the song a laudable effort for its unique handling. Himesh excels as singer and composer both, and Kailash provides the support needed.

After two excellent love ballads, its turn of another one, and not surprisingly ''Shaam Ho Chali Hai'' too turns out to be fantastic. Himesh as a composer impresses once again as he demonstrates his masterful control over lilting melodies. The chorus is superb, soft and breezy, ('Aaoge tum kabhi , Dil ko yakeen hai, Chhoote na chhootte, Teri ummeed hai'), the arrangements lying largely on soft guitar strummings in the background. A love duet that has a stamp of class with Shreya and Himesh in full flow. Subrat Sinha's lyrics are heart touching and the feeling of anxiously awaiting the beloved's arrival is conveyed nicely, without being too filmy and routine.

An out an out Himesh solo, ''Rafa Dafa Nahin Kiya Jaaye' starts off more as a dance track with lovely beats and saxophone sounds, but later the song changes complexion. A song of broken hearts that has been composed well as the tune chosen is fast paced and one that appeals instantly. The lyrics by Subrat Sinha is the USP of the track. Though the situation is routine he churns out lyrics that are class apart and warrant a second here, specially the 'mukhda', 'Tere gham se bari ho jaana behtar tha.' Superb Subrat, hats off to you!

In a nutshell, the audio album of RADIO is fantastic. All the songs are classy and Himesh shows his hold over melody with some superlative songs . The only problem is that they will have a limited shelf life unlike a TERE NAAM, which had music that was class and mass oriented and timeless. Our recommendations are ''Jaaneman'', 'Mann Ka Radio'', ''Shaam Ho Chali Hai'' and ''Piya Jaise Ladoo Motichoor Wale''. RADIO will appeal to even Himesh detractors.

Definitely worth a buy!

Rating - 3.5/5

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