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   Music Review : Dasvidaniya

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Shashant Shah
 Kailash Kher
 Kailash Kher
 Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor and Neha Dhupia

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view DASVIDANIYA videos

view DASVIDANIYA videos

Legendary Raj Kapoor name has always been highlighted among those notable Indian entertainers who have encouraged Russian culture in Indian cinema. DASVIDANIYA (meaning "goodbye" in Russian) comes like an ode to his style of work and music from the acting team that has recently carved a niche for themselves in the marquee. This meaningful cinematic presentation of bidding "goodbye" to loved ones by "One More Thought Entertainment" and "Lemontea Productions" comes out with an experimental taste and talents in its credits. Debutante director Shashant Shah promises to make it a consequential affair with Kailash Kher along with Naresh-Paresh (of "Kailasha" band) making their second presence as composers in tinsel town. After a submissive and unnoticed PRANALI, the team is all charged to create their mark with this album. Unlike all marketable albums in the business, it tries to swim against the tide by creating out the euphoric feel of Shankar-Jaikishen's aura with their style of music that well represented the magnanimity of Raj Kapoor in his heydays. Will DASVIDANIYA be noteworthy effort in its league? Will it make the team of "Kailasha" notably present in tinsel town? Let's check this out!

Kailash Kher's musical intellect bows an ode to the golden era of legendary Shankar-Jaikishen's 60 musical ambiences as the suave optimism of living life "king-size" prevails with bountiful of refreshing rhythms and notes of "accordion" (portable box-shaped musical instrument, used by Raj Kapoor in many of his great films) in the introductory soundtrack "Muskura". Sonu Nigam's versatility creates an aura of "Rafi Resurrected" and flays back to the bygone era of great Raj Kapoor's greatest immortal tracks that has impeccable "accordion" works in it. It initiates out with lively "accordion" notes with Sonu Nigam's likeable humming and that further mellows out in modulating tones with somber textured arrangements that transmits out a feel of living out a carefree life. Kailash along with Naresh-Paresh modestly creates out a 60's feel and should be lauded for sticking out to the ethics with positive deliverance. The "instrumental" version has the enchanting feel in its synchronized "accordion" and archetypical westernized musical arrangements that bring out the melancholically profound feel of the protagonist.

The word "Dasvidaniya" (meaning "goodbye") makes it melodic significance as the thematically oriented track "Alvida" makes its vociferous presence in the varying tones of Kailash Kher's voice. It has appealing solo guitar rock appeal in its guitar displays with strong intense of "Sufi" outburst that gets appropriately gesticulated in Kailash's baritones. Kailash's philosophical lyrical works ("Dil ke riston mein kyon dard hamesha milta hai, Aur kyon kaanton per hi phool sukho ka khilta hai, Yehi hai sach to mein iss sach ko hi apnaunga, Mar bhi jaunga to mein pyaar amar kar jaunga...) delivers out an unsung "philanthropist" poet in him that silhouettes out the caricature of "golden-hearted" protagonist. All those "Kailasa" band lovers will surely appreciate the track and agreeably has the appeal of effective "background score" in its narrative binge that can really roll over the events in tandem with its smoothening soulful textures. The mood turns peppy and energetic as some "club" remix stylized disco beat fillers energizes floors for the party animals in its "remix" version. A well conceived "remix" track that can well be capitalized as striking promotional track in flick's teasers and promos.

view DASVIDANIYA movie stills

view DASVIDANIYA movie stills

Prasoon Joshi's tearfully soulful ode to motherhood in "Maa" (TAARE ZAMEEN PAR) was indeed path-breaking and there was much to expect thereafter and "Mumma" delivers the promise. Kailash Kher makes another refreshing presence as soloist in a track titled "Mumma" that carries a "sweet" and sour" taste of caring motherhood with an appetizing flavor of enthralling and sensitive lyrical works. The song can be visualized as solo guitar performance of affectionate son emoting out a rhyme and verse about his compassionate and considerate mother with "easy-on-ear" wordings that sounds expressively poignant. The lovable and pleasing soft rock ethics are laid out with modest arrangements where Kailash Kher's vocals supreme out effectively in the somber tempo of the track. "Mumma" is indeed a genuine effort in all aspects and should catalyze the compassionate feel on the screen with great acting skills of lead actors.

DASVIDANIYA speaks honesty in words and promise in its music! Kailash Kher along with Naresh-Paresh makes notable efforts in creating an impeccable feel of Bollywood's golden era with tracks that has motivational thrust in their displays. All three vocal tracks ("Muskura", "Alvida" and "Mumma") are quality musical works that sticks to the authenticity of pure adorable music and refrains itself from baseless stuff that is may times irritating to ears. The team deserves accolades for being delivering out quality displays and deservedly should be acknowledge for their concise but notable work in the album.

Rating - 3.5/5

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