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Music Review : Aiyyaa

Director :  Sachin Kundalkar
Music :  Amit Trivedi
Lyrics :  Amitabh Bhattacharya
Starring :  Rani Mukerji, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Nirmiti Sawant, Subodh Bhave, Satish Alekar and Amey Wagh

October 6, 2012 06:41:58 PM IST
updated October 8, 2012 10:22:10 AM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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Comeback, comeback...and later more comebacks! B-town is suddenly blessed with the revival phase of yesteryear glam divas and AIYYAA is just one of such endeavour. After 'videshi' treatment of our very 'desi' actress Sridevi in highly acclaimed ENGLISH VINGLISH, it's time of commercial revival of Rani Mukerji in AIYYAA, a flick that promises hilarious fantasy journey of simple Maharastrian girl in most amusing way. Amit Trivedi, a name associated with the musical success of women-centric theme flicks like AISHA and ENGLISH VINGLISH composes the music of this flick. To make the musical mood funnier and funkier, there is a reliable wordsmith like Amitabh Bhattacharya as the lyricist to deliver the needful. Will this be the one perfect comical musical ride? Let's find out...

view AIYYAA stills
view AIYYAA stills

Revamping back the success of 'Oh La La' (THE DIRTY PICTURE) with a strong Tamilian hilarious musical funk, the first track 'Dreamum Wakeupum' comes with a satirical thumps, sensuous vocals and cheeky lyrics. It retraces back the seductive 80s phase of Bollywood where South sirens (Sridevi, Jayaprada, Silk Smita etc) made their huge impact on big screen. Soumya Rao's outrageously seductive tones in a typical South-Indian accent suit the mood to hilt and pulverize well into the garish shades of pompous arrangements. Trivedi's prowess in capturing sounds of typical Carnatic musical instrumentals ('mridangam', 'ghatam', 'thavil' etc) is the strongest feature that works to deliver a penchant South Indian musical feel. Amitabh Bhattacharya's sassy lyrics ('Heart beatnum dhol peetnum, Love lust double kasht bada dheetnum, Body heatnum hot seatnum, Calling fire brigade bhi defeatnum, Same to sameum dil me utarum, Top to baseum kama sutram...) are humorously tongue-twisting with ample dosages of 'eroticism' added in it. Bold, bizarre or commercially catchy, this soundtrack has caught everybody's attention and is scaling high on popularity. Massy!!!

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'Chikni Chameli' (AGNEEPATH), 'Mala Sau de' (FERRARI KI SAWARI) and now 'SAVA DOLLAR (LAVNI)'! Marathi folk-based tracks, a favorite musical genre among Mumbaikars, are the latest rage to strike big and have been commercially successful too, the next track 'Sava Dollar' brings out the earthen Marathi folksy 'lavni' feel. The soundtrack brings out an ethnically resounding 'lavni' musical feel where vibrant beats of 'dholak' and 'tabla' delivers a signature tuneful impact and connects sporadically with stringed instrumentals to deliver out a playful funky folksy feel. Sunidhi Chauhan's extremely coarsely tones is the chosen voice to deliver out varied funny aspiring shades of making big in the film world in articulately loud hilarious punches. Coquettish in nature and volubly inane, this one too sketches the comical shades of the lead character and tries to add more humor to the musical feel. Trivedi's dexterity works again in assorting all positive elements of 'lavni' and so are Amitabh Bhattacharya's mixed and match of Hindi and Marathi lyrics that works to create a desired tempo for the track. For all Marathi folk music lovers, this one is a pure delight and should be one promising factor in accentuating box-office prospects of this laugh-riot.

Shakira stylized 'belly-dancing' is next on cards! Sensuality is the 'catch-word' again and so now it's the continental seductive melodic feel that triggers off the proceeding with a strong rhythmical 'belly-dancing' trance feel in the next track 'Aga Bai'. Shalmali Kholgade's shimmer 'n' silken rendition oozes sensuality and so is Monali Thakur's added feminine verve and together they team up splendidly to deliver out a fervently sensual track. For its intrinsically synchronized dancing feel thrives, 'Aga Bai' is more of a visual treat and it will be really interesting to see its slick choreographic moves (Choreographer- Vaibhavi Merchant) making big on silver screen.

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To add ample dosages of sobriety and modesty in this hip-shaking comical ride, there are sugary 'n' simple suave tones of Shreya Ghoshal to enchant in 'Mahek Bhi'. Just like 'Saawli si Raat' (BARFI) and 'Pal Pal har Pal' (LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI), it has decent 70s dreamy 'lullaby' feel with a signature 'shehnai' tuneful feel, exuding out the dreamy romantic voyage in most simple wordings. Shreya's slender and soft voice is simply superb but the composition is too average this time to make any major impact, overall a pleasant-sounding situational number that should strike chords with audience's sensibilities.

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Sneha Khanwalkar composed a wishy-washy track in 'Chi Chi ledar' (GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2) and lately Amit Trivedi showed his light-hearted mode in 'Navrai Majhi' (ENGLISH VINGLISH) and now together they join to deliver a silly but still amusing sounding 'What to do'. It takes a satirical raunchy route again (popular 'Lizzat Pappad' turning into 'Izzat Pappad') and tries to build a funky and lusty love-chemistry in craziest way. Amitabh Bhattacharya's impish voice joins Sneha Khanwalkar and together they enjoy this track and offer many frolicsome light-moments.
'Wakda', the last offering of the album, comes more like a story-telling fable, where all the happenings and occurrences of this light-hearted comical entertainer comes in 'easy-to-ears' wordings. Amit Trivedi's expressive voice narrates it all and comes like a 'marriage celebration' invitation and success of the love-communion of two diverse cultured lovers. It comes with a blend of Marathi cum Tamil instrumental works and tries to please with their peppy sounds and funky sounds, overall an audible situational track that might make its flashy appearance in the ending title of the film.

AIYYAA is a frolicsome above-average massy album, a musical offering that pitches diverse folksy feel with leading female vocalist in the credits but still fails to delivers one 'dhameekadar' chartbusting hit. Amit Trivedi shows his brawny skills in delivering out a perfect 'lavni' feel ('Sava Dollar') and roguish South-Indian dancing feel ('Dreamum Wakeupum') and succeeds to some extent in delivering hilarious touches to the album. AIYYAA is certainly not the finest from the composer but still it lives up to the expectations of a decent musical entertainer, a promising run at the box-office and strong 'word-of-mouth' will surely be a big boon to its sales prospects.

Rating -3/5

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