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Music Review : Shaitan

Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Bijoy Nambiar
 Prashant Pillai, Amar Mohile, Ranjit Barot and Anupam Roy
 K.S. Krishnan, Sanjeev Sharma, Colin Terence, Abhishek and Shradha
 Rajeev Khandelwal, Kalki Koechlin, Shiv Pandit, Rajit Kapoor, Gulshan Devaiya, Kirti Kulhari, Rajat Barmecha and Neil Bhoopalam

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view SHAITAN videos
view SHAITAN videos
Devil strikes back! The craze for horror-packed action flicks are back with a bang with the surprise success of hits like HAUNTED (3D) and RAGINI MMS. Exploring the dark shades and unexplored facades of human mindset, SHAITAN (meaning 'devil') is the new promising entrant in this genre with pack of potential actors and musicians in its credits. New kid on the block Prashant Pillai is the main music composer with the support of guest composers like experienced Ranjit Barot, Amar Mohile and Anupam Roy, to deliver out the desired horrendously loud theatrical musical appeal. Low profile, mediocre promotion and bleak face value but presumably potential experimental melodic appeal, all combine together promises an engaging affair. Can the ensemble of these potential composers have the skill and kill of making SHAITAN, a probable shocking musical hit? Let's charter into the terrains of its musical territories!!!

Cult of Shaitan arrives! Flickering sounds, racy emceeing combined with haunting drumming in varying modes delivers out intimidating spells of horrifying listening experiences in thematically inclined soundtrack 'Bali (The sound of Shaitan)'. Prashant Pillai's technocratic dexterity in infusing ensemble of electronically profound haunting rhythms makes waves to create gruesome musical ambience.
It pulsates too with its groovy 'club-remix' disco beat decorum with enthused vocal supports of Farhad Bhiwandiwala, K.S. Krishnan, Preeti Pillai, Hitesh Modak and Kalloist. The soundtrack works on experimental route primarily and tries to add 'yuppie' factor as the track culminates out in the cadre of funky background score. Despite its strong situational appeal and dissimilar treatment, its highlights remain to be its intrinsically high instrumental feel where voices too works more like gadgets, an impulsive on-screen treatment will make things more scarier.

Party time folks! Feverishly bizarre decorum of plush rave party makes its strong youthful impact and sets the pulses high in album's most promising soundtrack titled 'Nasha'. Prashant Pillai gets the desired winner in this colorfully 'party-album' special number and delivers it in two different versions. The first version has frenzied vocals of impressive sounding Prashant Pillai and Bindu Nambiar. It works sporadically with huskier male baritones that gels well with echoing-cu- resonating sound engineering impact to serenade out glitzy discotheque decorum.

In terms of innovation and tangible impulse, Pillai scores perfect ten and the second version to arrive is even trendier. It is titled as 'Nasha (Rock & Soul version)' that has appealing vocals of resounding Ranjit Barot, Farhad Bhiwandiwala and Bindu Nambiar. This version has added hard-metal base rocking arrangements with likable 'fusion' thrive that works progressively to zest out a desired concert-rock feel. The signature punch-line of 'Dil-Dosti-Yaari' stays on senses as the soundtracks unwinds with sleek feminine chorals and loud drumming thumps. It works, yes, it works big time and so do play it loud! Rocking!!!

Amar Mohile, a name that has been prominent figure in many of RGV's flick makes his 'street-smart' guest composer entry through wicked-sounding 'Josh'. Mohile's stylized horrifying impacts makes theatrical impacts but it's the mixed and match of Afro-American hip-hop and jazz musical flair that leads the show. Peculiar sounding Colin Terrence along with Abhishek and Shraddha tries too many vocal swings in their wild passionate singing but the end result is not too enterprising.

'Sadka Kiya' (I HATE LUV STORYS) was quite a rage, yes it was and so was the intense singing of Suraj Jagan that finally made its first striking blow in the marquee. The next offering 'Fareeda', a melancholically conceived 'death-rock' number brings out the likes of Suraj Jagan's full throttle singing that mixes well in the contours of dark edgy signature tuneful beats. Sanjeev Sharma's narrative lyrics bring out memories of 'Javeda Zindagi' (ANWAR) but the tempo of arrangements is entirely the opposite. Prashant Pillai's skillfulness in inundating the hard-metal rock feel is simply superb but the 'man-of-the-moment' is undoubtedly soloist Suraj Jagan. His variation from deep-throated baritones to huskier tones delivers out shades of disturbed emotional behavior and works well in making this as another promising background score for the flick. Impressive!!!

view SHAITAN stills
view SHAITAN stills
Dark, gory and intense, the impulse of Sufi-rock strikes big and connects with the dark-edgy feel of the flick in impressive sounding 'O Yaara'. Reminiscing back to 90's Pakistani Sufi-rock rage of 'Junoon' (Paki rock band), the song is intrinsically inclined with the 'fusion' based rock tones, divine 'qawalli' textured chorals and appealing vocalist impressions. Kirti Sagathia's ethnically folksy splurge in varying tones delivers out different emotional shades that connects with equally impressive sounding Preeti Pillai's feminine tones. The racing distorted guitar riffs in middle interludes with aggressive percussions and amiable bass-line works in tandem with the penetrative vocals. The end result is a perfect background score that should be working in all positive ways in making this a notable musical piece in this hot-headed action potboiler. Inspiring!!!

'Pintya', a typical folksy festive soundtrack changes the mood and scenario entirely. Like many of situational sounding celebratory tracks, it brings out the visuals of an inspiring 'haandi-breaking' eventful happening amidst loud chorals and enthused drumming. Chandan Shive's throaty voice suits to the mood and tries to makes this as another notable happening on big screen.

Ranjit Barot, a prolific name in arranging makes hitherto efforts in composing out a nerve-racking theme-based track that gist out the feel of 'Shaitan' in remarkably composed 'Zindagi'. Barot dons a multifaceted avatar of being a refined singer as well as amiable composer in delivering out an author-backed number. Sanjeev Sharma's story-telling style of descriptive writing works catalyzes as well as explains out the cult of being 'Shaitan' in most lucid way. After delivering couple of remarkable compositions in unnoticed HOLIDAY (2007), Ranjit Barot shows his melodic resilience as well as exuberance in ushering out a resounding theme-based track that should be going great guns in the compelling moments of the flick. Notable!!!

As presumed and predicted from flick's immensely dark-theme, there will be bunch of instrumentals-cum-background scores that will form a narrative concoction. 'Amy theme', a light-hearted church-choir stylized number has soulful humming of Suzanne D' Mello, emancipating out the heartfelt sentiments and caricatured outline of leading character Amy (played by Kalki Koechlin). Ranjit Barot makes another impressive dent in his arranging as well as composing in mixing out varied soul-enchanting chorals in tender flows of piano drills that leaves out mesmerizing impact.

'Enter (music)' is electronically tuned instrumental work, exuding out the intimidating spells of eventful happenings in its brief duration.

'Retro Pop Shit (music)', a tangibly rock-music instrumental works on contemporary rock arrangements that are loud in percussions with blend of racy guitar riffs and strumming. Anupam Roy's composing is upbeat in electronically tuneful flows and tries to exude feel of intrigue and suspense.

'Unleashed (music)', a 'death-rock' stylized uproarious musical-piece evokes horrendous presence of devil ('Shaitan') with ear-deafening male vocals banging high and loud, a relatively experimental work suited to the situational needs of the flick.

'Outro', the last offering of the album comes in sporadically 80's rock-mode, an instrumental that is too high on noisy sounds and rhythms.

SHAITAN is experimentally devilish and thematically sound music album. Much to the listeners delight, it has no major blemishes or loose ends as all the soundtracks connect well with the mysteriously dark theme of the flick. Prashant Pillai makes resounding presence as a composer and so do Ranjit Barot with his set of soundtracks. Conceptually speaking, SHAITAN falls in cadre of albums like DEV D, a welcoming surprise musical work that delivers space for both situational and theme-based soundtracks. It makes maximum impact in tracks like 'Nasha', 'Fareeda', 'O Yaara' and 'Zindagi', showing that experimentation mixed with contemporary inputs can deliver the needful. A strong word-of-mouth and promising box-office show will add more colors to the success of the album. Do give it a won't be disappointed!!!

Rating - 3.5/5

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