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Music Review : All The Best

 All The Best
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rohit Shetty
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Fardeen Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Mugdha Godse, Asrani, Mukesh Tiwari, Ashwini Kalsekar and Johnny Lever

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view ALL THE BEST videos

Rohit Shetty pioneered the word ''stylish comedy'' in the marquee (GOLMAAL and GOLMAAL RETURNS) with flair and now he adds the word ''action'' into it in ushering out ALL THE BEST. Loaded with breath-taking stunts, splendid VFX, bankable face value with cool splash of rollicking thrust of rock-music, this comical adventure holds bountiful of expectations within it. Riding high on the chartbusting success of NEW YORK, DIL BOLE HADIPPA and recently released LOVE AAJ KAL, Pritam Chakraborty's music has always been headlines in musical circles. Can Pritam's music be as successful as the ''larger-than-life'' style quotient of this multi-starrer flick? Can the music of ALL THE BEST be as peppy and cherubic as director's last two successful works? Let's be optimistic and wish ''all the best'' for a living musical show by pressing hard on the ''play'' button...!

Ballistic...! Arena Rock gets into top gear of motion with blazing electric guitar strumming, zooming out with loud streams of kick-drumming and roaring vocals in the heart-throbbing pulsating track ''Dil Kare''. Fun unlimited captures extra territories with this Pritam's zesty composition that is filled with vocal harmonies on the chorus with a racy ''anthem-ic hook-line'' to create enthuse for concert-lovers. Suraj Jagan screeches out his lungs for that extra splurge with Rupam Islam joining the fun as zany back-up vocalist. It has combo of hard-metal and progressive rock musical appeal with series of electric and bass guitar confronting out with eclecticism of bombastic drumming in its interludes. Kumaar's ''no-brains-all-fun'' lyrics (''Jab chaahe aasmaa pe, Seediyaan laga loon, Do chaar taare tod daalun...) gives out hilarious tinge of happening in this stadium performed track that is fuelled high with laser lights, big amplifiers, and fluorescent paintings with some death-defying acrobatic skills. Pritam experiments with different sub-genre to create a machismo of happening with three lead players making their finest moves. ''Dil Kare (remix)'' was the much anticipated and it gushes out with booming beat-juggling impacts, DJ spins and scratches to blaze the floors. It's more of disco-thrill substance than concert-mania sort of thrills and works progressively as promotional feature. Rocking!!!


Suavity of romantic expression permeates into this enthralling hard-metal rock appeal with KK's flourishing out as real ''rock-star'' in his modulating overtones in amusing ''Haan Main Jitni Martaba''. In this lovey-dovey number, the tempo is varied, supple vocal harmonies dominates with ushering of thumping drumming and electrifying guitar strumming ruling out the show. Pritam picks up another showstopper in the svelte sounding Yashita who thrills out with his girlish tones to give it a ''yuppie'' loving touch. Pritam maintains the similar decorum with distorted electric guitars, bass guitars, pianos and keyboards fillers matching the recurring thumping of drums in tandem. KK pulls out winner again and the chemistry sparkles to supreme with promise of being big chartbuster in coming weekends. It's ''club remix'' version has that hip-hop ''turntablism'' with predictable sounding DJ works that is catalyzed with energized tempo and accelerated rhythms, making it special for DJ's collector's addition. Chartbuster!!!

Carnival fiesta adds to the glam with racing rock music entering into its third major outing with flamboyance of group dancing and ostentatiously filled ''costume-drama'' in the title track ''All the Best''. Rana Mazumder, Soham Chakrabarthy along with Antara Mitra leads this bandwagon that brings out ''Samba'' music and dancing with overdo of elements of rock music in it. It falls into cadre of tracks like ''Dil Laga Na'' (DHOOM 2 (2006)) with emblematic touches of ALL THE BEST as its hook-line. Like lavishly shot ''Tha Karke'' (GOLMAAL RETURNS -2008), this title track too carries ammunition of splendid VFX and star-power to pump-up senses and would be more of a visual spectacle.

download ALL THE BEST wallpapers

download ALL THE BEST wallpapers

Can ''Metro'' band stand-up again! The euphoric metaphor of ''Rishtey'' and sentimentalism of ''Alvida'' (LIFE IN A METRO-2007) with upbeat feel of pop and R&B gets pulverized into spectrum of emotions in beautiful melody titled ''Kyon''. Clinton Cerejo's makes the most splendid career move this time with his sonorous voice getting into the soulful happenings of lonely hearts. The supple textures of electric guitar, piano drills, keyboards and racing percussions epitomizes turbulence of constrained love-relationship. Kumaar's linguistically pristine wordings (''Kyon hain yeh tanhaiyan, Jane kyon suna sa hai jahan, Din jaise raat hai, Jaane kya baat hai, Rootha hua hai humse yeh sama...) are meaningfully poetic to the heart and sensitizes out every heart-felt emotion with prosaic semblance. ''Kyon'' adds to the collection of everlasting ballads of year 2009 and likely to be ''crowning-glory'' to the romantic happenings of the lead pairs of this comical caper. Clinton delivers a gem of a performance and like other contemporaries (KK, Shaan, Mohit Chauhan); one expects to hear more from him with similar tempo and melodic appeal, overall a sensible team-work. Soul-stirring!!!

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This ''fun-unlimited'' album never leaves you with boredom and so the final offering brings out another package of celebration in contemporary flows of rock fusion music in situational sounding ''You Are My Love''. This racing-pacing number is another carnival communion with racing celebratory ''Samba'' music showing great amalgam with heavy duty rock elements in it. Kunal Ganjawala along with Neeraj Sridhar and Rajesh shows oodles of vocal thrust with seductive tones of Alisha Chinai and Megha adding to it. Like the ever popular ''Dekhon Nashe mein'' (RACE -2007), this one too has plethora of glam-quotient with star-power showing cheerful communion of eventful happenings, by singing and dancing, again a visual spectacle for silver screen.

ALL THE BEST deserves ''all-the-best'' compliments for sticking to the nuances of stylish comical thriller with music that has power to thrill, kill and sensitize listeners. After the thumping commercial response to LOVE AAJ KAL, there is another bonanza in store for Pritam with this ''full-of-life'' album. Soundtracks like ''Dil Kare'', ''Haan Main Jitni Martaba'' have the power to storm the floors and make it big on charts. It has heart and soul at right place too with sentimental number ''Kyon'' promising to be one of the finest ballads of this year. Overall, it's a satisfying ''paisa-vasool'' listening experience with no blemishes or loose ends in it, so go for it!

Rating - 3.5/5

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