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Music Review : Blue

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Music :
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Starring :
 Anthony D'Souza
 A. R. Rahman
 Abbas Tyrewala, Rajat Arora, Mayur Puri, Raqueeb Alam and Sukhwinder Singh
 Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Zayed Khan and Katrina Kaif (special appearance) and Rahul Dev.

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view BLUE videos

view BLUE videos

In many ways Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision's BLUE is a unique film, having many firsts to its credit. It is Hindi cinema's first ever under water, action adventure film with the cast undergoing scuba diving training in order to shoot under some eighty feet below the water, almost at the bottom of the sea! It is director Anthony D'Souza's first film. Also, it is the first project where Oscar winner A. R. Rahman has composed for action king, 'Khiladi' Akshay Kumar. Yes, not many will be aware that even though Akshay Kumar and A. R. Rahman have been dominating the Bollywood scene for more than a decade, yet the two have never combined for any film, and so BLUE is the first film where the two will share the same platform. Then we have Australian pop sensation, Kylie Minogue, who features for the first time in a Bollywood flick. With so many unique features to its credit, combined with the finest international crew and some amazing underwater action sequences, BLUE is the most anticipated Diwali release. And its audio album too comes fraught with gargantuan expectations, BLUE being the first album to be launched after A.R. Rahman's historic Oscar win. And last and not the least, Resul Pookutty, another Oscar winner, is the sound engineer for BLUE. Need we say more?

First let's come to the most talked about song, featuring the international pop sensation from Australia, Kylie Minogue, ''Chiggy Wiggy''. The number is a perfect blend of soft pop and bombastic, earthy but all Punjabi 'bhangra', which makes it a totally 'dhamaal' dance track. Kylie's part is naturally pop and the soft tune chosen is very infectious and alluring, in -keeping with Kylie's super hot image. Her sensuously soft vocals caress the senses and is the highlight of the composition, as she is simply brilliant. The 'bhangra' part, sung by Sonu Nigam is no great shakes, and shades of ''Tote Tote Ho Gaya'' (BICHOO) is present. Although as seen in the promos of the song, the part where Akshay Kumar comes in, accompanied by the sound of loud 'hoi' and 'dhols' and breaks into the 'bhangra' jig, will certainly set the house on fire. All this combined with the festive Diwali mood, the song having the added propellants in the form of all the top stars of BLUE like Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan, will no doubt rule the charts for a while, although it will not have a long shelf life, as it is not worth the hype. The A.R. Rahman stamp of quality is missing. His signature musical orchestration, the fresh as a morning dew tune which is expected from a Rahman composition too cannot be heard. The lyrics by Abbas Tyrewala though are definitely fresh and instantly appealing.

However, the next number, 'Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai', is a true blue Rahman number and one is simply blown away by its sheer magical melody that is so easy on the lips. The music maestro makes up for somewhat letting down his fans, this time with a superb romantic composition, a fine love ballad. The breezy song, complete with Rahman's superlative trademark crescendo, single string guitaring and lovely background female chorals, makes for a perfect romantic beach song. After a mesmerizing ''Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye'' (GHAJINI), Rahman comes up with another gem of a romantic outing in the from of ''Aaj Dil Gustakh Hai''. The moment the song commences with sensual female chorals and Sukhwinder's trademark, well loved and admired TAAL type semi-classical singing, one knows that this is Rahman's special Diwali gift to his fans. The number may take a couple of hearings to grow, as is the norm with most Rahman compositions, but grow it definitely will and stay on the play list of many die-hard romantics for quite sometime. Sukhwinder is magical. His chemistry with Rahman never fails, whether it is an inspirational, romantic, situational or devotional composition, Sukhi always reserves his best for Rahman. And 'sone pe suhaga' is the new nightingale, Shreya Ghoshal, who is at her 'surily' best.

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''Fiqrana'' can be classified as a theme song, as it is a beautiful musical way that the characters of the film are introduced through the song, without it being too heavy on the senses. The dare devil, non caring attitude of the protagonists is beautifully expressed through a highly charged, high on octane composition that has a slight resemblance (in parts) to Rahman's ''Dhakka Laka Bukka'' (YUVA). Vijay Prakash shows that it's just not classical that he is adept at as he skillfully wades through the song that has a slight rock touch to it as well. He is aided by Shreya who comes in briefly and not to mention, Rahman's acoustic innovations in the form of echo and synth. Once again the opening guitar piece is haunting and keeps coming back, embellishing the song, so does the amazing 'mukhda' which is the jewel in the crown. Rajat Arora's lyrics go well with the spirit of the film and successfully conveys the feel of the characters and introduces them to the audience.

From one true blue Rahman number to another, ''Bhoola Tujhe'' and it is an absolute delight that the talented team of Rahman, Abbas Tyrewala and Rashid Ali, who had given us the hugely popular and heartwarming ''Kabhi Kabhi Aditi'' (JTYJN) are back with a beauty! This number is a hauntingly beautiful 'sufi' based composition that is absolutely divine. Rashid Ali's vocals enthrall the senses, his maturity as a singer from ''Kabhi Kabhi'' to ''Bhoola Tujhe'' is to be heard to be believed. The song commences with an elaborate, totally trademark Rahman orchestra, playing a haunting tune, followed by simple guitar strums, and as Rashid Ali's vocals take over, one is simply mesmerized by the sheer genius of the maestro and the beauty of the song. Lyrics by Abbas are heavenly, and take the listeners to a totally different level with its divine references. And we are reminded of what Abbas had told us in an informal chat that he does not write lyrics for money, but selectively as a hobby.

Take a bow Rahman, Abbas and Rashid. Shades of ''Khwaja Mere Khwaja'' and ''Piya Haji Ali'' are present, may be because they have the same theme. Feast on by putting it on repeat mode!

view BLUE movie stills

view BLUE movie stills

Rahman's theme songs have been as revered as his songs, and the reason is simple. The maestro, with his sheer class and command over music is able to spin wizardry with his heavy duty orchestrations and scintillating assembly of tunes, and in a sense he has pioneered the theme song revolution in the Hindi film music scene. Since BLUE is an action adventure under water thriller, naturally the scope for some highly charged musical extravaganza is on the cards and this is exactly what we have in store with the ''Blue Theme. The composition is partly instrumental with the sound of the exotic Bahamas finding prominent place along with other highly eclectic beats and sounds like the chopper flying etc.

The highlight of the theme is again the Rahman crescendo, which is absolutely something to die for! As the tempo heightens gradually and the peak is reached, one is left spell bounded. Extraordinary! Superlative! The talented group of six singers, Blaaze, Sonu Kakkar, Neha Kakkar, Raqueeb Alam and Jaspreet are electrifying and fantastic as they sing in a group and the chorus, as they go, ''Blue''. Raqueeb Alam and Sukhwinder Singh provide lyrics and the spirit of BLUE is superbly conveyed. The similes used to highlight the perils and beauty of the sea are very apt - ''Sagar ke dil mein, Jitney khazane, Dil ke sagar mein utne fasane, Aatish angaare, Sholon ke dhaare, Rangeen sharare, Baarish ke tare, Satrang wafa ka, Sagar mein kyon hai, Kabhi surkh lahoo hai, Kabhi rang blue hai!'' Another composition that can be kept on the repeat mode and heard over and over again.

When ''Rehnuma' commences one feels that Rahman has done a repeat of ''Anjaana Anjaani'' (YUVA) but as the song slowly unfolds and all its musical gems are churned out for the pleasure of the listeners, it is a different experience altogether. Well, we are short of words for the praise of the Beethovan of the East. As we try and get out of the magical spin of this seductive, passionate song, that has such a rocking background signature tune (the enthralling guitaring) that marvelous crescendo, as the tempo is built up slowly and surely that we are left wondering how the music wizard managed to compose a number quite uncharacteristic of himself. The song belongs to Shreya whose seductively base vocals (reminding of Geeta Dutt) are superlative, as she goes ''Qaatil ada' in precariously high pitch, with utmost ease that she makes the listeners delirious and Sonu Nigam, Rahman's favourite for a long time, comes back to support Shreya matching her step for step. The 'mukhda' is infectious as Sonu goes ''Rehnuma', a slight R. D. Burman touch to the song can be felt.

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To bring the album to a close, Rahman's ever reliable lieutenant, Udit Narayan, comes out of semi-retirement for this endearing 'ched-chaad' song that is sung in a cute conversational manner, and the 'madhur si' Madhushree supports him ably. The rocking and rolling rhythm is simply enchanting, and this combined with some international feel musical addendums in the background make for a lovely composition. The use of Indian musical instruments like the synthesized 'shehnai' and Western percussions and piano blend gently into the song making it a 'hat ke' experience. The use of Bhojpuri lyrics, along with Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi by the powerhouse of talent, Abbas Tyrewala, is unique and relishing. And we know why Rahman has called Udit out of semi-retirement (for the unaware, Udit is now of the top singer/producer of Bhojpuri films/songs) to render this song. Moreover one never knew that the maestro had it in him to compose a song that will strike right at the heart of the hinterland.

To sum up, BLUE is one of Rahman's finest album of the last couple of years and what is exceptional is that Rahman has managed to do the impossible, combined best of both the worlds as the compositions will find patronage amongst both mass and class. All the songs are our favourites, yet the ones that stand out are, ''Bhoola Tujhe'', ''Fiqrana', ''Yaar Mila Tha'' and the ''Blue Theme''.

Simply a must buy! Even those few who are not Rahman fans should buy and give this album a hear so as to see what they are missing out on!

Rating - 4/5

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