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   Music Review : Welcome To Sajjanpur

 Welcome To Sajjanpur
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Shyam Benegal
 Shantanu Moitra
 Swanand Kirkire, Ashok Mishra
 Shreyas Talpade, Amrita Rao, Ravi Kishan, Ila Arun, Divya Dutta, Yashpal Sharma, Rajeshwari Sachdev

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view WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR movie stills

view WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR movie stills

Shyam Benegal, a name that pioneered the word ''art cinema'' in Bollywood, makes his uncharacteristic presence this year with humorously filled fun-fare WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR. After making two successful musical outings with A.R Rehman (ZUBEIDAA (2001) and BOSE-THE FORGOTTEN HERO (2005), he picks up a characteristically traditional composer Shantanu Moitra for this rustic comical love saga. Expectations!!! Certainly not big or gigantic but surely it promises something amusing and pleasing for the listeners who desires melody and fun in each soundtrack. Will Shantanu Moitra's music be as pleasing as PARINEETA or playful as LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI? Let's check this out!

KK (credited as Krishan Kumar) sings out jocularly a cherubic number ''Sita Ram Sita Ram'' that comes with rustically traditional paced melodic works. Shantanu Moitra makes quizzical moves by initiating it with ''rhythm and blue'' guitar strumming mixed with traditional classical instrumentals in serenading out a satirical feel. This entirely catchy ''UP-Bihar'' based folksy number is well penned by Ashok Mishra and reminds of a popular Rajesh Khanna's lively number ''Dakiya Dak Laya'' (PALKON KI CHAON MEIN (1977) and to large extent ''Dhadak Dhadak'' (BUNTY AUR BABLI (2005) for its chirpy wordings. KK delivers out a knock-out performance by articulating it with ''Awadhi'' stylized lingo that is likely to be benchmarking out film's comical feel to the viewers. It's ''remix'' version in a typical ''club-house'' version and it comes out as marketing gesture to lure prospective viewers and well be adding glitz and gloss in the promotion of the film.

Mohit Chauhan is getting refined and improvised with every passing day and it is clearly evident in this sentimentally pristine soundtrack ''Ek Meetha Marz De Ke''. Kudos to lyricist Swanand Kirkire for showing his lyrical flare in poetically elegiac wordings like ''Is khatt mein jo siyahi hai, sun mere aanson se bani hai…'' This tender paced ballad progresses with fine blend of poetic touches and it gets mellifluously complemented with equally serene vocals of Sadhana Sargam. This delectably supple track falls in the cadre of ''Piyu Bole'' (PARINEETA) that will be appreciating ''love chemistry'' on silver screen and will be getting added in the collection of class listeners.

Shantanu Moitra maintains his classy touches and remarkable form in third consecutive track ''Bheeni Bheeni Mehki Mehki'' by reliving the tranquility of his lovable numbers like ''Soona Soona Man Ka Aangan'' (PARINEETA). KK makes second laudable vocal toil with amiable support of angelic sounding Shreya Ghoshal in subtle undertones. It's also two in a row for talented Swanand Kirkire's lyrical potential that strikes chord with the subtlety of the romantic situation. KK delivers out a breather and well be acknowledged for his versatility that is well conceptualized in this beautiful composition.

Gifted Sonu Nigam, the prize-worthy voice behind PARINEETA success makes his solitary presence with flamboyant Sunidhi Chauhan in fun-loving number ''Dildara''. Moitra makes it another rustic frolicking affair, similar to Rehman's ''O Re Chori'' (LAGAAN) with contemporary arrangements in a placidly routine sounding composition. The jester vocal connotation by both great sounding voices is big asset and is likely to be adding more festivity on big screen. Do expect ''Dildara'' to be attracting more eyeballs on big screen than rest of the soundtracks!

In 70's there were number like ''Yeh Public Hai'' (ROTI (1974)) and ''Salaam Kijiye'' (AANDHI (1976)) that outrageously showcased the crudity and malevolence of democratic system. Lyricist and script-writer Ashok Mishra pens down a similar sounding number ''Aadmi Aazad Hai'' in the voice of Kailash Kher that spreads out similar message of an ideal democratic system and showcasing the importance of independence in common man life. It's entirely situational offering that should be working catalyst in the narrative elements of this fun filled flick.

Ajay Jhingran's peculiarly bizarre vocal mode for the eunuch character ''Munni Bhai'' in the song ''Munni Bhai Ki Bari'' sounds outlandish. It works out as an election campaigning number and is strictly suited to the needs of the film.

WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR is a decent hear affair with a couple of ''easy-on-ear''
melodies by the ethnically enriched composer Shantanu Moitra. The album's maximum promise lies in the catchy numbers like ''Sita Ram Sita Ram'' and ''Dildara'', while tracks like ''Ek Meetha Marz De'' and ''Bheeni Bheeni Mehki Mehki'' has the mushy smoothening impacts. The mediocre face value coupled with zilch promotion is likely to be decimating its slim chances at the audio sales counters.

Rating -3/5

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