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Music Review : Dil Bole Hadippa!

 Dil Bole Hadippa!
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Anurag Singh
 Pritam Chakraborty and Joshilay (Guest Composer)
 Jaideep Sahni
 Shahid Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Poonam Dhillon, Anupam Kher, Dalip Tahil, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra and Vrajesh Hirjee

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view DIL BOLE HADIPPA videos

view DIL BOLE HADIPPA videos

Its CHAK DE INDIA meets RAB NE BANA DI JODI! Yashraj Films (YRF) passion for Punjabi culture has been spotlighted in almost each of their release, but DIL BOLE HADIPPA! goes full blast with it. Whether it's ''chocolate-covered candy-hearts'' in Switzerland or sunshine-sparkling ''Punjab de sarsoon de khet'', their film has always been sumptuous with Punjabi enriched culture. To accentuate out this cultural heritage, Pritam gets the optimum opportunity to re-kindle out his finesse over this ''bhangra-beat'' culture that fetched him bountiful of chartbusting tracks.

Like CHAK DE INDIA, YRF experiments it out with debutant director Anurag Singh  for this ''girl-turned-boy'' meeting cricket coach love saga. For the prestigious YRF, the year 2009 has been auspicious so far with the musical success of NEW YORK, and now DIL BOLE HADIPPA! carries enough ammunition to explode out with its thunderous beats and catchy rhythms. Even Pritam had flourishing 2009 with successes like LOVE AAJ KAL and NEW YORK. So can this ''hadippa'' be as exciting as one expects as their last previous notable works. Put on your dancing shows and pump up the volumes to get into the groove of this ''dancing-shancing'' album...

Balle Balle! Spicy, funky and ethnic, all colors of festivity blooms in ''bhangra'' beats and ''dhol'' sounds to create a razzmatazz of affairs in affectionately boisterous ''Hadippa''. After churning out two immensely popular and eye-goggling ''bhangra'' numbers ''Mauja Hi Mauja'' (JAB WE MET) and ''Twist'' (LOVE AAJ KAL), Pritam is all set for the much deserved ''hat-trick'' of chartbusting success of this cadre with this lively track. This Mika Singh second major attribute in Pritam's prolific working has everything ranging from skillfully played keyboards, ''dhol'', ''tumbi'', ''ektara'', ''sapp'' (all traditional instruments) and serpentine flowing customary mandolin between preludes gushing out in loud stream of nonsensically penned witty lyrics (''Duniya Firangi Syappa Hai, Fikar Hi Gum Ka Papa Hai, Apna To Bas Yeh Jaapa Hai, Fikar Karein Fukarey...'') to make body shaking on the floors. Pritam's composition succeeds comprehensibly in making this ''carefree-go-free'' number a sprightly package by mixing out with hip-shaking arrangements. To add ''mirch-ka-tadka'' sort of emotions, Jaideep Sahni's ''no-brains-all-fun'' wordings have that rustic flamboyance that makes it a perfect ''bhangra-beat'' dancing fest number.


In cloudburst of ''remixes'', DJ Sandeep Shirodkar proves his mettle and makes his work loud and clear when ''Hadippa (remix)'' firing on all cylinders with added vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan. YRF felt so special about this ''remix'' that they promoted it's full version aggressively, showing their great confidence in the ''kismat-konnection'' of lead pair for this flick. Rocking!!!

After giving ''firangi'' culture thumbs down in ''Hadippa'', it's time for revival of some ''desi-beats'' as the rigorous tempo swivels for turf-war with ''disco-culture'' in ''Discowale Khisko''. This situational enthralling number comes with heavy usage of ''tumbi'' and ''ektara'' (traditional stringed plucking instruments - similar sounding to ''Mundiyan to Bachke'' by Punjabi MC) with thriving synthesizers and percussion in its backdrop. Sunidhi Chauhan along with KK and Rana Mazumdar are full throttle in enjoying out loud octave singing that encompasses varied forms of ''bhangra'' dancing (preferably ''giddha'', ''kikli'' etc) in its colorful outing. Pritam's composition is enticing but bears strong similarity with popular ''bhangra'' track ''Kala Chashma'' (Amar Arshi) in its stringed signature tune with old-fashioned ''bhangra'' loud tempo.

''Disco Khisko (Remix)'' by Abhijit Vaghani has strong UK ''bhangra'' pub-culture feel that can be felt in traditional instrumentals in zany DJ spins and claps. Like ''Maa Da Ladla'' (DOSTANA), Master Salim renders out terrific outing where his echoed and modulated toned voice forms amiable support to make this ferociously roaring number for the floors.

view DIL BOLE HADIPPA movie stills

view DIL BOLE HADIPPA movie stills

Pritam rejuvenates long-established YRF feel of 70's and 80's (similar to Shiv-Hari's style of music) in melancholic sounding Punjabi flavored sentimental soundtrack ''Ishq Hi Hai Rab''. Jaideep Sahni's glossary remains the same with words like ''ishq'', ''rab'', ''soniye'' making recurring presence and the song showing similarities to average sounding ''Desh Rangila'' (FANAA (2006). Shreya Ghoshal's voice is a blessing which helps in lifting up spirits of this romantically situational sounding composition that has synchronized flutes, piano chorals and nostalgic chorals to support. Sonu Nigam joins the show midway with lyrics that are stereotypically ''filmi'' in narration. Great visuals and likable actors enacting it with grace will be its plus factor while this song tries to change mood as well as the tempo of the album with pinch of sobriety in it with no great shakes.

If ''Hum to Aisa Hai'' (LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG) was playful voice-over of crispy feminine duo of UP then ''Bhangra Bistar'' lauds up the ''Punjab-di-kudi'' power with enormous roars and cheers. It's female power all over with sensuous sounding Alisha Chinai, racy Sunidhi Chauhan and wacky emceeing by Hard Kaur that enlightens up proceedings. Jaideep Sahni makes it special with ''B'' stylized ''tongue-twister'' (''bhangra-bistar-beer-batair'') and piles up spicy one-liners (''Haan inke oonche oonche dream, Cooker maare jaise shteam...) to evoke elements of hilarity in this ''item'' song. Alisha and Sunidhi are loquacious as well as boisterous at many times and these acts metaphor playfulness with tinge of sensuality in it. Pritam makes usage of ''boliyas'' for the first time and they are well inundated in crispy ''tete-a-tete'' between two lead vocalists. It will be absorbing narration and captivating choreographically shot moves that will be making up this an all colorful visual spectacle. Entertaining!!!

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The concluding track ''Gym Shim'' by guest composer Joshilay brings out oozing-machismo with ''check-the sound'' dancing and exercising moves. This last ''bhangra'' outing is more akin to gymnastically insightful choreographic moves with eccentric sounding countdown in its ''tongue-in-check'' lyrical moves. Entertaining to core, this playfully composed UK based ''bhangra'' will have major takers in fitness centre and will be a hot-favorite among young listeners. Go for it!

DIL BOLE HADIPPA is a speeding Punjab Express/Mail that promises entertainment at every fellow station with (probable) chartbusting success written all over it. YRF's undying passion for Punjabi-yaat, Jaideep Sahni's resilient Punjabi-lingo edges and Pritam's diligence in exuding out vibrant shades of ''bhangra'' beat music culture supreme out with success. The album promises big hits in the form of the enthralling ''Hadippa'' (both versions) and guarantees tons of entertainment with tracks like ''Bhangra Bistar'', ''Gym Shim'' and ''Discowale Khisko''. It will be going very strong in North Indian Punjabi speaking belt and is expected to gain enormous success with its expected box office success.

Rating - 3.5/5

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