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   Music Review : Ek - The Power of One

 Ek - The Power of One
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sangeeth Sivan
 Shabbir Ahmed
 Nana Patekar, Bobby Deol, Shriya Saran, Chunky Pandey, Jackie Shroff, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Jaspal Bhatti and Gurpreet Guggi

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view EK THE POWER OF ONE videos

view EK THE POWER OF ONE videos

After churning out back-to-back slapstick comical entertainers (KYA KOOL HAI HUM and APNA SAPNA MONEY MONEY), director Sangeeth Sivan shifts genre to action-packed drama in stylishly packed EK-THE POWER OF ONE. This Bobby Deol and Nana Patekar starrer promises some breath- taking dare-devil internationally branded action stunts (Action-Peter Heins), with music turning out to be submissive factor. Pritam Chakraborty, man behind dozen musical hits in recent few years, makes all musical happenings for this hi-octane action packed thriller. As per subject and convention, action flicks have never been high on melodic quotient and has just played to the situations of the flick. Can Pritam's immaculate prowess be able to spell out success for this action potboiler? Let's get into the facts by plugging on ''play'' button...


Pritam makes a flamboyant arrival of ''bhangra'' celebration that comes all the way with bombastic ''dhol'' beats and vibrant orchestrations in loud ''n'' peppy ''Sambhale''. Sukhwinder Singh's vociferously throaty and Sunidhi Chauhan's seductively crooned vocals are at the helm of affairs that gets electrified with thumping ''dhol'' beats and pulsating arrangements. Like all Pritam's major ''bhangra'' hits, it has racy rap rendition with festive Shabbir Ahmed's lyrics setting out a tempo for a grandiloquent celebration. After delivering out ostentatiously colorful Punjabi hits like ''Mauja Hi Mauja'' (JAB WE MET), Pritam maintains his top slot in this upbeat genre of ''bhangra-mixes'' and delivers out a terrific dancing track.

The album misses out a flagrantly loud ''club'' remix number but still this ''dhol-dhamaka'' number has enough ammunition to fire up the floors. Bombastic!!!

''Sona Lagda'', a traditionally Punjabi folklore stylized mellowed romantic melody brings out the slender feminine emotions of village belle about his beloved in Shashwati's subtle vocals. Pritam's hilly music sounds conventional in rhythmical flows and chorals but the tenderness in Shashwati's voice and the subtleness of willowy arrangements makes it an audible preposition. Shabbir Ahmed's lyrical works are spontaneous as well as engrossing in narrating out the demure sentiments and it can well be an added asset in smoothening out narrative flows of the flick.

view EK THE POWER OF ONE movie stills

view EK THE POWER OF ONE movie stills

Its routine sounding ''club'' remix version comes like a surprise visitor as it defies the tender moods of the song. It would be wise if a smoothening ''lounge'' remix would have been added in the album to add extra charms in its slenderness.

Abhijeet, a prominent figure in Pritam's major hit track ''Lamha Lamha'' (GANGSTER), makes his solitary presence as his voice gushes out with loud stream of rock music stylized arrangements in impressive sounding ''Tum Saath Ho''. This tantalizing composition about lovers falling in love with each other strikes chords with ''Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai'' (WOH LAMHE) with a strong South Asian music affixation in its arrangements. Shreya Ghoshal makes an appreciable appearance as her svelte rendition moves in tandem with Abhijeet's voice and streamline to perfection with peppy arrangements. Once again, Pritam's music lacks innovation but carries enough enthralling power that can lure listeners with its upbeat concoction of instrumentals with vocals.

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Following the tradition of sporty and belligerent title tracks of action flicks, a volatile and hi-octane action-packed hard-rock number emerges out, sensitizing the killer feel of EK-THE POWER OF ONE in flagrantly earsplitting ''Bang Bang''. Like ''Bull's Eye'' (APNE), it carries off its inspiration from famous Hollywood's hit number ''Eye of the Tiger'' (ROCKY) with heavy loaded electric guitar strumming and enthused percussions to give it a loud hard-metal rock'' appeal. After Suraj Jagan's impressive loud rendition in this genre, Rana Mazumdar screeches out his lungs to extreme to boisterously pump out the aggressive feel of the situation as well as the caricatures of the lead protagonists of the flick. It carries out a stamp of hot-blooded background score and is expected to appreciate the enthrall quotient of this hi-octane thriller.

EK-THE POWER OF ONE comes out as decent fare in the genre of action flicks with no big major surprises. Pritam regenerates some of his finest tunes and rhythms to accentuate out romantic impulse in this action-packed saga. Its brightest aspect lies in vibrant sounding ''Sambhale'' and somber sounding ''Sona Lagda'' and they will surely be appreciating out the glam quotient of the flick while ''Tum Saath Ho'' and ''Bang Bang'' proves to be effectual situational scores.

Rating - 3/5

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