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   Music Review : Ugly Aur Pagli

 Ugly Aur Pagli
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sachin Khot
 Anu Malik
 Amitabh Varma
 Mallika Sherawat, Ranvir Shorey, Tinu Anand, Sushmita Mukherjee, Vihang Nayak,Bharti Achrekar.

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view UGLY AUR PAGLI movie stills

view UGLY AUR PAGLI movie stills

99 Slaps, 1 Kiss! Now that's complete century of emotions in a challenging love relationship for a flick that is mischievously titled UGLY AUR PAGLI. PNC made amazing presence in the marquee with 'fundoo' love drama in PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS with their favorite Pritam delivering the needful. This time the 'pub-friendly' melodic culture infused into hilarious melodrama transfers to something equally amusing with Anu Malik making its surprise entrance in the credits. After the magical resurrection in LOVE STORY 2050, Anu Malik conceives his first major 'party album' that maintains his much needed reformed form.

What would be your first reaction after hearing lines like 'Deewani mein pagal mein talli ho gai, Mein talli mein talli ho gayi'? Amitabh Verma delivers some playful 'disco-shayari' about girl getting intoxicated in a pub and rejoicing all along with her bandwagon in a song titled 'Talli'. Anmol Malik's screechy 'n' yelling tones impersonate the roguish-voguish emotions along with boisterous Hard Kaur and Mika Singh making mood merrier. Anu's music is highly inspired from Pritam's stylized music and the pep factor gets 'large' in its other two versions. Anu Malik along with Hard Kaur gets behind the mike in its second version with similar tempo, arrangements and rhythmical patterns. It's 'club' remix that is zanier of the lot with infectious 'bhangra' beats patterns adding fervor to its vigorousness in its accelerated tempo in making it special for DJ's desk. It's likely to be growing faster and quicker with its aggressive promotion and likely to next possible 'razzmatazz' for pubs.

PNC films have always been high with audaciously voluptuous tracks like 'Akhiyan Na Maar' (EK KHILADI EK HASEENA) and 'Bad Boy' (PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS) and now 'Karle Gunaah' joins this 'femme fatale' league. Anu makes requisite concoction of classical instrumentals and trendy hip-hop 'masti' that sets the mood for another ferociously inundated disco track. Anushka Manchandani's slender tempo in varying renditions makes energizing chemistry with Ishq Bector's zestful emceeing style of singing. The infused 'bhangra' beats and classical instrumental displays add innovative feel that catalyzes the enthralling disco fervor at the floor. Krishna's added vocals join the party in its second version that can be presumed to be 'male' version of this strikingly zany disco number. Once again the stylized 'club remix' version stole the show for its enormously high perkiness that tantalizes senses with its energizing disco beat fillers blows.

The party of frolicking punch continues as Anu Malik strikes the third blow in a row with loud and peppy 'Yeh Nazar'. Unlike previous numbers, it has contemporaries Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan singing out the lovable emotions in a relatively romantically somber mode. The feminine 'sync sounds' in its prelude have the hilarious tinge that makes it a plausible love track for this bizarre love saga.

Anu Malik adds creative angle of Spanish carnival feast as he gets inspirational lift from 'Hinglish' wording of Alisha's recently delivered 'Shut up N Kiss Me' (album - SHUT UP N KISS ME) with added 'bhangra' bangs in impressive sounding 'Shut up, Aa Nachle'. This time its Vasundhara Das's vocals gearing up with Anu Malik in serenading out an outrageously 'swirling-twirling' dancing feel on the floors. The perfect combination of genres with conventional flows of arrangements gives it a characteristically situational appeal. Its carnival dancing thrust in rigorous flows will definitely be adding to the glamour quotient of the flick.

Romance in air! It's all together gear changing of moods, emotions and genres as sobriety and serenity of romantic emotions takes over senses in mellifluously delivered ballad 'Yaad Teri Aaye'. After impressively rendered 'Tum Se Hi' (JAB WE MET), Mohit Chauhan (lead vocalist of SILK ROUTE) makes his second remarkable solo presence with his smoothening vocal textures in this gracefully touching track. The nimble-fingered guitar strumming are its solitary arrangements that mellows affably with Mohit's sonorous vocals. If you are keen listener to the great works of Eric Clapton, then this experimentation of subtlety infused in romantic sentiments will be well deserved listening treat for you on a delightful evening. Soul-stirring!!!

Anu Malik's reformed and modernized 'avatar' is proving wonders again and its spark are clearly visible in UGLY AUR PAGLI. The album shapes into upbeat 'party album' with soundtracks like 'Talli', 'Karle Gunah' and 'Shut up, Aa Nachle' ensuring loads of disco thumps for Gen X listeners. Mohit Chauhan's 'Yaad Teri Aayi' is the 'icing on the cake' and a much required innovation in the genre of solo ballads. Its predictable success is likely to raising the mantle of veteran Anu Malik and will be ensuring another musical success for its connoisseurs (PNC).

Rating -3/5

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