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 Ram Gopal Varma
 Salim-Sulaiman, Anand  Raj Anand, Amar Mohile,  Bapi-Tutal
 Praveen Bhardwaj, Lalit  Marathe, Jaideep Sanhi,  Sandeep Nath, Mahathi  Praksh
 Ajay Devgan, Nana  Patekar, Rekha, Urmila  Mantondkar, Fardeen  Khan, Seema Biswas.

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Much awaited, Bhoot would soon start showing its manifestation in theaters. Ram Gopal Varma is now back with his latest flick, Bhoot, which would definitely do something lucrative at the box office upon its release. Varma's movies are considered to be unique and they (movies) manage their uniqueness completely and accurately whenever watched. The distinction of Varma's flicks is that the audience gets glued to the seats till the end. Whether the subject is ordinary or special one, what binds and attracts the audience is his marvelous and first-rate direction. And as is the tradition with Ram Gopal Varma to have fantastic and electric music in his films, he continues this tradition as well energetically here with this upcoming film, Bhoot. From the outset, the movies of Ram have been carrying different music, which by itself tells I'm from Ram Gopal Varma's home. Whether the musician is A. R. Rehman, Sandeep Chowta or anyone else, Ram makes the musician arrange the tunes, which reflect his movies' taste altogether. Same is the case here with this soundtrack of Bhoot but this time the mood of the songs carry horror all around.

Produced by Nitin Manmohan whose last flick, Deewangee did well at the box office, Bhoot as the name depicts by itself carries a ghostly subject. Ram Gopal Varma wears his jacket of director whereas a long crew of composers scores music for this album. They include Salim-Sulaiman, Anand Raj Anand, Amar Mohile and new finds Bapi-Tutul. A horde of lyricists cleans the dust on their respective pens to write the lyrics for this soundtrack. Most of the lyricists are newborn. Lalit Marathe, Praveen Bhardwaj, Jaideep Sanhi, Sandeep Nath and Mahathi Prakash team up to pen the lyrics. The distinctive feature of Bhoot is obviously its big star cast, which includes Ajay Devgan, Urmila Mantondkar, Nana Patekar, Rekha, Fardeen Khan, Seema Biswas and others. T-Series, knowing its onions, releases the soundtrack, which is laced with 9 numbers in total and is no doubt very easy on ears.

The soundtrack explodes well with an electric number, Bhoot Hoon Main. Sharp-voiced singer, Sunidhi Chauhan renders the song perfectly well. Salim-Merchant and Vijay Prakash support Sunidhi while presenting a scary chorus. Lalit Marathe pens the lyrics for this song. His lyrics carry good weight and truly personify the mood of the song accurately. Composers duo Salim-Sulaiman scores the music. The composition is brilliant. A good bang start with an electric piece of music has a sudden effect. A high-pitched song all the way. Sunidhi is in her true elements. No other singer could render the song in a perfect style, as she did. The ups and downs of her vocals and how brilliantly she manages them is absolutely wonderful. This young soul would definitely see herself amongst the finest in the world one day and that day is approaching very near. Amidst the song, there emerges her echo too, which has marvelous effect as well. Drumming, beats, chorus and the wild use of echoing cries have a hearing effect on the listeners. The song creates real horror all around, which amuses the listeners. The track has been running enthusiastically on satellite channels these days featuring Sunidhi Chauhan herself, the lead singer of this number. The choreography is first-rate and the direction is brilliant. Sensuous Sunidhi gyrates in deserts and dreary drear places. As Ram Gopal Varma portrays his heroines in sophisticated sexy outfits, he continues this job here too in this track. Sunidhi looks gorgeous and sexy in white and black outfits showcasing her fleshy belly and navel widely. It's now become a fashion with all showbiz gals around the globe to reveal belly and naval widely. So no outfit is considered to be complete unless it reveals woman's belly accurately. Overall Bhoot Hoon Main is fantastic. The track can bag awards in future. Singers, lyricist and the composers all deserve full marks for constructing this creative number.

Another ghostly number comes next, Bhoot Hai Yahan Koi, having the legendary singer Asha Bhonsle doing the honors. No one can recognize that Asha has rendered this song. She delivers her vocals in a totally different style. Asha showcases her skills in a pure husky voice creating fear all around. She seems excellent. Jaideep Sahni happens to be the lyricist of this number and his full of horror lyrics register a remarkable impact on the listeners. Amar Mohile decorates horror tunes in a perfect manner. The song starts with cries creating fear all around. The wild uses of Tabla along with other instruments weave true fear and the background cries in between the song leave a marvelous impression. The track is slow but suddenly the vocals and music go up and then come to normal rhythm. Amar Mohile creates wonders with this track. The track is on air these days featuring Ajay Devgan, Urmila Mantondkar and others respectively. A wonderful number all the way.

Ghor Andhere takes its place in the album enthusiastically. Rendered by Sunidhi Chauhan, Vijay Prakash, Clinton Cerejo and Salim-Merchant, the song has pure fearful mood. All the singers do true justice to their respective jobs by showcasing their skills remarkably in a perfect style. The song has a bang start with male vocals (Vijay Prakash, Clinton Cerejo and Salim-Merchant) laughing and presenting horrifying narration. Amidst the song, there is a narration of mantras as well, which is effective. The use of background ragas is excellent. The song then gets momentum and it seems as if the silence overspreads the storm. Then again all of a sudden male vocals (Vijay Prakash, Clinton Cerejo and Salim-Merchant) emerge along with a female voice (Sunidhi Chauhan) presenting fear all around. This all proves the remrakability, talent and the creativity of the duo of Salim-Sulaiman, the composers of this track. The newcomer lyricist Mahathi Praksh portrays his talented skills here with this track, which leads the listeners to the world where true romanticism wrapped in magic spread all around.

Yeh Sard, an instrumental track, lands up next. The track begins well with guitar, which is more audible than other instruments and almost continues till the end of the song. The other soft sounding instruments, which portray themselves, are drums, Sarangi, baja (a kind of musical instrument) and others. The mood of the track is about a pain, ] which a human feels in a fearful situation. A classy track to amuse the ears.

Another version of Bhoot Hai Yahan Koi appears having Gayatri Iyer as a singer. The track begins with slow music, which is very soothing to the ears. Electrically she renders the song well as per the tunes of the track. Wonderfully she spreads fear through her sharp voice, which is much appealing. Gayatri leaves herself completely in the capable hands of the musician and then he does the rest to produce a stupendous song. Jaideep Sahni's lyrics truly personify the mood of the song whereas the remarkably arranged tunes of Amar Mohile completely make the number impeccable.

Bhoot Hoon Main, a remix version yawns next. Sunidhi Chauhan delivers the song in her usual electric voice perfectly. Salim Merchant and Vijay Prakash team up to support her for presenting a scary chorus. Sunidhi truly seems in her elements, she deserves hundred out of hundred marks. The distinctive musical instrument, which appeals most, is Tabla. The song is very easy on ears and is a treat for those who have an ear for music. Lalit Marathe's lyrics leave a marvelous impression whereas the musical beauty designed by the duo of Salim-Sulaiman is first-rate.

Dead But Not Asleep, an instrumental track happens next in the album. A good piece to listen to.

Din Hai Na Raat, takes its place energetically in the album. Delivered by Usha Uttup and Pervez Qadri, the track seems impressive. Both the singers do true justice to their respective jobs. The composition is brilliant. The track is well composed. The dholki is much audible than other instruments, which catches the attention. The ups and downs of Pervez's voice register a good impact whereas Usha Uttup too impresses. The chorus is fantastic. Sandeep Nath pens gorgeous lyrics keeping in mind the mood of the song. Bapi-Tutul scores the music for it, which has hearing effect. The song is brilliant from all aspects.

Yeh Sard (the other version) wraps (up) the soundtrack with its fullest energies. Gayatri Iyer pairs up with Anand Raj Anand to render this song. Gayatri's soft voice starts slowly then walks towards the heights and then finally gets rhythm. Anand Raj Anand's echoing voice wins the hearts too. It's a well-orchestrated song but the use of drums sounds good among other instruments. Praveen Bhardwaj writes the lyrics, which do have effects. Anand Raj Anand's composition is also up to the standards. Overall the song is ear-friendly.

On the whole, the soundtrack of Bhoot is a creative piece of music, which showcases the remarkability and creativity of the whole team attached to it.

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