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 Delhii Heights
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 Anand Kumar
 Rabbi Shergill
 Rabbi Shergill
 Jimmy Shergill, Neha Dhupia, Om Puri, Rohit Roy, Simone Singh, Vivek Shauq, Kamini Khanna

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Rabbi Shergill, the prodigal Sikh who mutated the new style of Sufi Pop with “Bulla Ki Jaana” storms back with flair in DELHII HEIGHTS. This time it’s the cosmopolitan buzz of “Delhi” where the feline vocal and musical show of Rabbi bubbles out. Even the least heard Amit Sana holds attention for snazzy rendition as the seamless Rabbi’s music and lyrics shows its spectrum with minor blemishes. The coherently delivered musical work cascades through the intricacies of rock, jazz, Bhangra and Sufi. It shines to extreme with spunky and peppy lyrical work in “Delhii”, “Kitni Der Tak” and “Kabhi Aaana Na” but disappoints with reckless and hasty “Ey Gori”. Rabbi incorporates his stylishly composed and voiced “Tere Bin” from his album “Bulla Ki Jaana” to generate festive decorum and makes it harmoniously plausible for film promotion.

Rabbi assimilates the crafty UK styled Bhangra pop with intrinsically verbose Punjabi lingo verses in pompous soundtrack “Aaja Nachle”. Its unheard Salim Shahzada with vocals than Rabbi on mike with pulsating drum beats and “dhol” sounds. The wordy soundtrack has the peculiar punch of cross-over cultured film music where the groovy beats are coagulated optimally with ethnical finesse. The upbeat Bhangra thump will make it techno-savvy for DJ’s and this will give one more number to shake booty on parties and discos.

Rabbi lands into apathetic territory of folk music to make himself audible as conventional “Bollywood composer” in below average number “Ey Gori (Holi)”. It’s all about “Holi” escapades and talks about “rang”, “bhang”, and “choli” etc embellished in UP rustic folk lore’s. Folksy Kailash Kher tries too hard to impress while raunchy Sonu Kakkar infuriates with her screechy garrulous rendition. Skip it!


The emblematic salutations to historical manifestation, geographical delights and trendy paced cosmopolitan glitz of “Delhii” city is maneuvered in vivaciously delivered “Delhii”. Rabbi imbibes the traits of conventional rock star by plucking synchronized guitar strumming and infuses the loquaciously chirpy lyrics to give it an iconic feel about the city. The soundtrack has sentimental “yuppie” feel to attract Gen X listeners but the unconventional theme might restrict its acceptance.

The rollicking rock music zest plummets to different mood as it comes out as loud invitation by crooners Amit Sana and Rabbi in playful soundtrack “Kabhi Aaana Na”. Amit Sana, the “Indian Idol” find croons out this impishly composed where he offers invitation for delightful “get-together” to his friend and his better half. Rabbi relegates himself to rap rendition in sonorous mode while Amit Sana holds the show. The situational soundtrack holds lyrical spicy stuff for urban listeners and should fancy film prospects.

Sonu Nigam’s aural proficiency along with sensuously jazz and rock serenades the inhibited “dreamland” of heartfelt lover into syrupy lyrical treat in melodiously served “Kitne Der Tak”. Finally Rabbi gets into groove of Bollywood magic where the semblance of mushy emotions is tantalized with upbeat musical display. The smoothening feel transcends with chirpy talkative lyrics and delivers moments of elation in somber vocal mode. Delightfully composed, it promises to be surprise hit if it connects well with actor’s prowess on-screen.
Lovable and tuneful treat for lonely hearts on Valentine Day!

Rabbi picks up “Tere Bin” from his pack of soundtracks from “Bulla Ki Jaana” (pop album) and plagiarizes to conquest situational feel in the film. Vociferously narrative, it depicts the idealism and undying passion of lover towards his beloved in traditional Punjabi verses. It boasts loads of entertainment for urban Punjabi listeners and positively will be match winner for film and album.

Rabbi Shergill shows great promise with his blend of upbeat Sufi and Bhangra but fail to incinerate any spark to make any style statement like Himesh Reshammiya or Pritam. The singer cum composer excels to supreme in his limited style of work and it shows in soundtracks like “Kitne Der Tak” (excellent), “Dilli” (good) and “Kabhi Aana Na” (above average) with disappointment in “Ey Gori”. The album will have its share of admirers and it will be from urban and overseas listeners but will find difficult to swim against the tide.

A Different Beat!


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