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Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost

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Music :
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 Apoorva Lakhia
 Anu Malik
 Abhishek Bachchan,  Lara Dutta, Yashpal  Sharma, Snehal.

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost is all set to show its manifestation in theaters throughout the country soon. The promos of the flick have been providing real entertainment on all satellite channels these days by generating liking for the film. The title obviously has been acquired from a famous old Hindi song goes: Bombay Se Aaya Mera Dost Dost Ko Salam Karo. Eye-catching locales, direction and the starcast are making this flick impressive before its release.

Vishal Nihalani produces the film whereas debutante Apoorva Lakhia directs the flick. MSAMD features junior B (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ex-Miss Universe sexy Lara Dutta in lead roles. From the outset in her acting career, Lara Dutta has been exposing her body parts widely. So is the case with MSAMD. But one thing is pretty sure that she will excel in the industry, as she possesses charming personality and good acting skills in plenty. Lara will happen to be a big alarm for many heroines of the industry soon. MSAMD is about a village of Rajasthan and revolves around the lives of its dwellers. Anu Malik, Ranjit Barot and Amar Mohile fasten their belts to arrange the tunes for the soundtrack, which is laced with 6 tracks in total. Sameer gets drenched his pen in ink to write the lyrics for the album. Sony Music comes up to release the soundtrack, which is soothing to the ears.

The album begins well with Shehar Ka Jadoo. An impressive number altogether to amuse the listeners. Sonu Nigam pairs up with Alka Yagnik to deliver this fantastic song. Sonu Nigam as usual displays the brilliancy he possesses while catching the tunes and then delivering them accurately. Alka Yagnik showcases the skills of singing in a perfect style. Sameer leaves a good impression being the lyricist of this show (song). Anu Malik's skills of composing a handsome music are vivid here. The number is on air these days starring Abhishek Bachchan and Lara Dutta doing tautology all the way. The costumes used completely showcases the accuracy as per the mood of the song. Direction is first rate. Choreography deserves positive marks. Overall the track is a delicious treat for making the mood happy.

The duo of Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik once again happens with a romantic number, Mujhe Tune Jo Dekha To. Both the vocalists do true justice to their respective jobs by delivering the song in an accurate manner. Sameer's lyrics are somewhat good. Whereas the composition does not lift the spirits. Anu can not polish up his instruments. Only the singers satisfy in this track. Overall an average number to listen to.

Saiyaan emerges next having velvety fire voice Sunidhi Chauhan doing the honors. The hot item number is an active piece of music to enjoy in all moods. Sunidhi delivers the song in utmost different voice. The husky vocals of Sunidhi catch the rhythm perfectly. It is a high-pitched song and Sunidhi does the job well. The track completely depicts that it belongs to Anu's camp, as he is better known for composing item songs. Sameer immerses himself completely in the philosophy demanded by the director and the composer respectively then gives birth to his magnificent ideas on the page. Anu Malik, understanding the mood and the requirement of the poetry, arranges brilliant tunes. The track has been showing its magic on all satellite channels these days by catching the breath of the viewers. The song features Lara Dutta in sexy outfits, which ofcourse are the demand of the song. Sensuous Lara Dutta dances perfectly well and looks gorgeous. The choreography and the direction raise the enthusiasm. The song boils the blood and makes the people dance to the beats. Overall, an impeccable song to listen to time and again.

Sonu Nigam teams up with Alka Yagnik again to deliver a holi number, Koi Bheega Rang Se. The vocalists duo attracts a lot. Sameer seems as if he is running out of his ideas and pens below average lyrics. On the other side of the coin, Anu Malik seems tired and this tiredness results in an average piece of composition. Overall an ok track and can be listened once.

The duo of Sonu Nigam and Mahalaxmi Iyer emerges with a catchy number, Jeetenge Baazi Hum. Sonu Nigam portrays completely that not only he is versatile but also a good headed singer. On the other hand, Mahalaxmi Iyer with her sweet vocals depicts her brilliancy. Mahalaxmi is now an active member of almost all-coming Hindi films. Sameer pens excellent lyrics. Ranjit Barot decorates the musical stage with impressive designs of handsome tunes. He also focuses on fusion perfectly. A well-composed song altogether to provide sweet satisfaction to the ears. Overall an immaculate track and deserves repeated hearings.

An instrumental track, The Journey comes up and wraps the soundtrack. The number revolves around the mood of the film. Amar Mohile sharpens his skills and scores a soothing track.

On the whole, the entire album generates its worth well and is a sweet dish to entertain the ears.

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