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   Music Review : Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama

 Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Chandrakant Singh
 Neha Dhupia, Rati Agnihotri, Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav, Amrita Arora.

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

After inconsequential THE FILM and hyper-energetic DIL DOSTI ETC, the effervescently youthful Siddarth-Suhaas is out for improvisations in RAAMA RAAMA KYA HAI DRAMAA (RRKHD), a humor filled comical drama. Pop diva Alisha Chinai’s sweltering hot “Khwabon Se Nikal Ke” proves to be hot cake while “Yeh Faasle” proves to be winning grace for both composer and album. The duo has outgrown to some extent but still is far short from desired ground-breaking results.

“Bol Adnan Bol?” Why such mediocrity? Title track “Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaa” suffers heavily from “lampoon-giri” as this “fat-to-fit” singer plagiarizes the tunes and rhythms of his hot-shot track “Thodi si lift karade” into hodgepodge of muddled “shayari”. Kumaar’s over the top lyrics are moreover irritating than amusing (Britney ke mathe par bindi, George Bush ki mami Sindhi…) and even hip-hop sounds too harshly implanted. Siddarth-Suhaas should stick to their normal stuff (“Dum Laaga” (DIL DOSTI ETC)) or try something innovatively striking to strike chord with pop genre. Even the pulsating and rip-roaring remix version fails to pump up adrenaline and simply adds to the credits of the album.

Siddarth-Suhaas goes Pritam’s way altogether in “Dekha Tujhe Sau Martaba”, a perky solo track by Pritam with all sufficient ingredients of trendy rock ballad. KK re-performs his most impulsive track “Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai” (WOH LAMHE) into similar chorals, sounding arrangements and orchestrations with modestly penned wordings to deliver an above average track. Do expect sparks flowing in its remix version with energized DJ scratches and beat juggling taking over with bouncy resonating impacts.

After some rollicking stuff in chartbusting “It’s Rocking” (KYA LOVE STORY HAI), pop diva Alisha Chinai lifts the credentials of the album with “retro” feel Indi-Pop number “Khwabon Se Nikal Ke”. This sublime “n” transcendentally supple track has archetypal 70’s sluggish harmonic feel with sitar notes, trumpets tones, piano trills and guitar riffs getting into the groove. The track has strong feminine binge of Alisha sensuous baritones while Siddarth-Suhaas shows great signs of growth and variation in promising way.

Fresh talent Khushboo Jain sparkles off with another hot “n” happening feminine track “Laija Laija” with spicy wordings and raunchy musical works to boast off a competent “item song” for this inanely packed humor drama. Khushboo’s svelte and imposing overtones impress but the arrangements aren’t catchy to offer anything promising for listeners. The over repetition of “Mujhe tu Laija Laija…” intermittently in interludes followed by loud shrieking shouts are outrageously disturbing. The remix version has seductive intimidating appeal where sluggishly punched disco beats fillers along with snazzy hip-hop adds more spice and thrill to the show.

Enjoy some Elton John style of piano trilling in the enchanting prelude of most upbeat track “Yeh Faasle” that comes strikingly all the way in three differently arranged versions with poetically enriched lyrical flows. Adnan gets better deal this time as he recreates the decorum of his recently heard “Saathiya” (DARLING) with enthralling set of rock cum jazz arrangements. Siddarth-Suhaas delivers their finest track of the album in “Yeh Faasle” where lyricist Kumaar matures potentially by penning expressively “antaras” to deliver poignantly romantic appeal to the track. Even promising Suraj Jaggan graduates well into skillfully singing in the “reprise” version after some hobnobbing singing acts in “Dum Laaga”. Suraj’s strong command in vocal modulations and variations (similar to KK’s vigorous style) in low and high pitched singing strikes admirable concoction with energized rock concert feel extravaganza. Finally, the remix version proves to be first cool customer that can well be enthralling affair for disco freaks for its extra pulsating disco fervor and rip-roaring DJ claps. Overall the track “Yeh Faasle” holds maximum promise to be chartbusting affair and do expect to it to be making hushed but confident entry into charts in coming weeks.

Composers Siddarth-Suhaas shows their potential growth with RAAMA RAAMA KYA HAI DRAAMAAA with tracks like “Yeh Faasle” and “Khwabon Se Nikal Ke” but are still short of deservedly chartbusting entertaining album. It has its pros and cons but still can’t be written off for its low profile or low content. Do expect something improvised when names of Sidddarth-Suhaas appears again on the credits of their next film album!

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