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 Pyare Mohan
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 Indra Kumar
 Anu Malik
 Milap Zhaveri
 Fardeen Khan, Viveik Anand Oberoi, Esha Deol, Amrita Rao, Boman Irani

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Send Pyare Mohan EcardsLove him or hate him; but you just can't ignore him. Anu Malik, not only shares Shahrukh Khan's birthday (2nd November), he also has that fierce competitive spirit wherein he wants to be in thick of things. Always! In PYARE MOHAN, he proves yet again that even if the connoisseurs snigger at this spicy bhelpuri, the masses are surely gonna love it. So, here you get some mush, trademark Anu Malik pop qawwali, some jhatka matka numbers and far too many versions of the number Tu Jahan Bhi Jayegi. But the best track is PYARE MOHAN, credited to UK's pop band Trickbaby.

The reason why PYARE MOHAN clicks immediately is its simplicity. A female voice caressingly exercises her silken laidback vocals before the microphone. It's very clear that she is enjoying herself while lending her voice. Most of the track is in English while there are sections in Hindi interspersing continually. A steady western pop rhythm flows from start to finish while impressions of tabla are used in some parts. The arrangements have been sensibly kept minimal. A guitar or a piano gingerly glances through the fun. If It wasn't me by Shaggy made you feel like bogeying all by yourself, then PYARE MOHAN, will make you feel like pressing the rewind button timelessly.

Send Pyare Mohan EcardsHar Mohan Ki Koi Radha has a huge ensemble of singers. Six to be precise. Udit Narayan, Shaan, Krishna, Earl Edgar D, Anu Malik and Ranjit Barot. It starts with the pop version of Freddie Mercury's rock favourite We will...We will... Rock You. There's a little bit of every music genre (almost). The rock guitar riffs, the tabla flavour favouring qawwali, sensuous female chorus line augmented by vocoder effect, an English hip hop section, melodious singing by Udit and Shaan while the jarring notes of Ranjit Barot popping in from nowhere. It's a situational number that is bound to go down well with the public and forgotten by the same people in a couple of months.

View Pyare Mohan Movie StillsTu Jahan Bhi Jayegi-I love you my angel is featured in five versions sung by different singers. The first one is soulfully sung by Kunal Ganjawala. It's a typical Anu Malik product. Guitar strains repeat the hook line, which is something similar to what he did quite often in 1990s in movies like BAAZI and AKELE HUM AKELE TUM. Then there's a heartfelt flute piece played with a lot of intensity as if the dew on the eyes of first love is smiling with shyness. Udit Narayan drones a shorter and slow moving Part I and II of the song while Sadhana Sargam makes her presence felt in Part III. The last one is a remixed version by DJ Suketu. There are elements of techno, fast paced rhythm, lots of fillers, female chorus clouding the long musical sections and a feel good effect that makes you have a good time. One of the better compositions by Anu Malik in a long time.

Rabba De De Jawani has nothing new to offer. Pedestrian lyrics, oft heard style of Sunidhi Chauhan and vintage Anu Malik who made Kareena Kapoor gyrate to the tracks of MUJHE KUCH KEHNA HAI. The same masti packaged with some English lyrics thrown in to up the tempo. A Navratri song for the desi junta that is bound to make the producers happy.

Send Pyare Mohan EcardsEk Rab Sach Hai is a sufi track composed with a lot of heart. Richa Sharma's earthy vocals, makes it a treat for the ears. Krishna makes an impressive beginning with a classical alaap as a constant bass guitar piece walks hand in hand with Sharma's plaintive rendition of an invocation to God. Though I've never been a fan of Sameer as a lyricist, but for once he impresses with well meaning contextual lyrics.

I wanna kiss your lips
I wanna kiss your cheeks

Download Pyare Mohan WallpapersWell, what can one say about the above lyrics than cringe in disgust. Day by Day mera pyaar badhe is the kind of song that has to be listened to with loads of salt. Sonu Nigam sings in the tone of Anu Malik that we know from JANAM SAMJHA KARO days. It's an attitude song that makes you sing along, have a good time and forget it till you hear it again on a friendly neighbourhood radio in the barber's shop. Tap your feet for a while and smile. Or, in short....just chill!

PYARE MOHAN... It's not a classic by any chance, but nevertheless, it's fun till its lasts. Enjoy!

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