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 Harry Baweja
 Nadeem-Shravan, Ranjit  Barot
 Ajay Devgan, Sunil  Shetty, Sanjay Kapoor,  Neha Dhupia, Isha  Kopikar, Arbaaz Khan &  Others

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Produced by Pammi Baweja, 'Qayamat - City under Threat' is desperately waiting for hitting the theaters all over the country by showing its magic all around. Qayamat is said to be a rehash of a Hollywood film titled " The Rock". Harry Baweja wears director's costume and presents his creative skills of direction accurately (which are visible from the promos). The flick carries a long crew of stars ranging from Ajay Devgan, Suniel Shetty, Sanjay Kapoor to Neha Dhupia, Isha Koppikar, Rhea Sen to Chunky Pandey. The film's promos are showing their manifestation very well on all satellite channels these days by constructing the curiosity amongst the viewers. The stunts done in the movie lift film's graph to the right and positive direction. Action sequences, music, costumes, and the direction clearly show that the movie carries a big budget. Direction seems innovative. Choreography raises the spirits. Ajay's new style with a French-Cut beard also adds a spice to film's attraction.

Neha Dhupia the beauty queen - Miss India uses Qayamat as a launching pad for her career. Sameer writes lyrics for the album. Whereas, the renowned pair of music world, Nadeem-Shravan arranges tunes for the soundtrack. Ranjit Barot also shakes hands with them while composing the title song, Qayamat. Venus releases the soundtrack, which is laced with 9 songs to offer to its listeners. Music of Qayamat easily grows on the listeners. Some of Qayamat's songs can fetch awards in the days to come.

The album begins with a sad solo, Aitbaar Nahin Karna. Rendered by Abhijeet, the track does not come up to the standards of the listeners. Abhijeet as a vocalist impresses with his crystal clear voice. Background chorus seems ok. Amongst other musical instruments, jhankaar and drumming make their mark. Lyrics are good. Sameer writes accurate lyrics as per the mood of the song. But Nadeem-Shravan disappoints with their average music. The track has been running on all music channels now a days featuring Ajay Devgan, Suniel Shetty and Neha. The direction of the song looks attractive.

Abhijeet and Sadhna Sargam team up to render other version of Aitbaar Nahin Karna. Abhijeet as usual boils the blood with his sharp vocals whereas Sadhna too attracts with her silken voice. Background chorus sounds better. Sameer's lyrics are adequate. Nadeem-Shravan decorates again average tunes. Anyway the overall product carries some weight.

Abhijeet and Kavita Krishnamorthy pocket a romantic and melodious duet, Dil Churaliya. Both the vocalists showcase their remarkable skills of singing with perfect ease. Drumming and jhankaar raise the spirits. Background chorus provides an able support too. Lyrics are fantastic. Sameer excels in this genre. The music is stupendous. Composers' duo Nadeem-Shravan registers a marvelous impact. The track is currently running on all satellite channels these days fetching the attention of the viewers. The song stars Ajay and Neha displaying their skills of acting. The song makes good hearing.

Shaan and Mahalaxmi make their pair to deliver a peppy and romantic number; Mere Dil Tu. Shaan as usual is excellent in the art of singing. Whereas colleague Mahalaxmi too attracts with her sweet vocals. Background chorus happens as a soothing treat for the ears. Sameer happens as a good lyricist here. Nadeem-Shravan designs an impressive musical beauty. The song is ear-friendly and easily grows on the listeners.

The duo of Kumar Sanu and Mahalaxmi Iyer comes up with a slow tragic number, Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat. The song emerges as a treat for music lovers altogether. Kumar Sanu is fantastic and displays his creative skills very accurately here. Mahalaxmi catches the rhythm well. Sameer writes real tragic lyrics. Nadeem-Shravan scores an impeccable music.

Hema Sardesai and Sonu Nigam emerge with the title track, Qayamat. The clear renditions of both the vocalists impress. They two immerse themselves fully in this genre and then the result comes as a delicious treat for the listeners. Sensuous Hema delivers her vocals in perfect husky style. Sonu renders his part in sexy vocals as well. The delivery of "Qayamat Qayamat" by both the singers attracts. Chorus sounds better. Sameer again pens wonderful lyrics. Ranjit Barot's music provides true energies in the body and one feels a rush of blood in the veins. The song is on air these days featuring none other than sexy Isha Koppikar in complete sexy outfits. Choreography is excellent. The song deserves to be heard time and again.

Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik showcase their talent with the rendition of Woh Ladki Bahut Yaad. Both impress with their magnificent deliveries of the song. Amongst the instruments, dholki and duphli attract. Chorus seems ok. Sameer pens average lyrics here. Following Sameer, Nadeem-Shravan too arranges average tunes. The track is currently on air featuring Ajay and Neha. The direction is ok. Overall, a passable track.

Another version of Woh Ladki Bahut comes with Kumar Sanu. The number is sad. Again Sameer pens average lyrics. Nadeem-Shravan, feeling tired, arranges again an average piece of music. Only the singer impresses. An ok track altogether.

Honeyed voiced Alisha Chinoy and Abhijeet pocket a romantic and catchy number, Yaar Pyar Hogya. This track happens as the best number of the entire album. Alisha sings the song with husky and sexy voice, which amuses the ears. Whereas Abhijeet spreads his magic too. Sameer writes lucrative lyrics. The composers' duo Nadeem-Shravan arranges excellent composition. The end product then emerges with immaculate results.

On the whole, the soundtrack of Qayamat easily grows on all types of ears and makes good hearing.

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