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Glamsham's RSS/XML feeds update headlines on your desktop, giving you the latest news at all times.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) cuts time and hassles by pulling in fresh content automatically from your favourite website.

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How is RSS useful for you?
For ardent web surfers, RSS is a very useful tool. With RSS you save a lot of time and bandwidth for the reason that news and information from your favourite website comes directly to your desktop daily or at intervals you choose. RSS feeds contain just links, headlines, or brief synopsis of news which can be downloaded to any XML-compatible device, your cell phone, pager, or your palmtop, all this without a lengthy download process. You can also have control over receiving information, without revealing information about yourself. You do not have to give out your e-mail id for an RSS feed. This avoids spam and junk e-mails in your mailbox. Stay upbeat on all channels of Oneindia. Oneindia RSS feeds provide you with information you desire for Free.

How to receive RSS feeds?
You can install any of the RSS feed readers listed