Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Amer Kamra – taking the world of fitness to greater success

Fitness model and Entrepreneur, Amer Kamra aka 'Amer The Hammer', taking the world of fitness to greater success levels

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A quick look around us will let us know how people have increasingly now turned towards the fitness space after realizing how a certain deadly virus can ruin everything all at once. This has made people more aware of what they put in their stomach, how much importance they give to fitness and how determined they are to live a healthy life.

There are tons of fitness experts and coaches in the world, and the social media world has all the more expanded the fitness community with the emergence of many other fitness coaches. However, one name that has been creating a lot of noise, for all the right reasons and for the kind of momentum he has gained and the level of visible transformations he has been giving his clients through fitness, is Amer Kamra a.k.a. Amer The Hammer.

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Amer hails from Toronto, Canada, but today has undoubtedly made a name for himself across the world, thanks to his expertise and prowess as a pro fitness model (12x Cover model) and an entrepreneur. Making every day count, working out for long hours, learning new trends of the fitness industry and gaining more insights about the right diets and nutrition, has become a way of life for this passionate man, who is known as a fitpreneur, with his online fitness brands that promise to take people on a healthier journey and help them get nearer their fitness goals.

Amer’s most successful fitness business Hammer Fitness earned him many celebrities and top figures from across different industries as his clients.

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During the pandemic, he thought it was a great idea to reach people on the web and coach them right to making them fall in love with fitness. Today, he has to his credit fitness companies like Elite Coaching System, Lady the F Up, Man the F Up and also has a podcast named ‘The Mind Builder’.

From starting his journey as a pro bodybuilder and pro fitness model of Canada, Amer Kamra is now acing the fitness game as a pro fitness entrepreneur with the fitness empire that he has created for himself, with the sole aim to transform people’s lives through his best transformation coaching and personal training.

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