5 quick skin damage fixes to swear by


New Delhi, Sep 22 (IANSlife) To retain the natural glow of your skin, it is essential to follow a skincare routine. Satish Bhatia, Dermatologist and Cutaneous Surgeon of DermDestination, shares some handy tips to help one battle that oily shine or puffy eyes or excessive dryness.

An oily shine

A natural glow is what we want, but a greasy sheen is what many of us end up with, especially on a long, warm day. Adding layers of makeup is of little help. To fix this issue, what you need is an oily skin cleanser that will wash out the excess oil without stripping your skin of natural oils.


Puffy eyes

Tired and puffy-eyes can make you look dull and exhausted. If you haven’t slept the whole night or have been staring at the computer screen at work for long hours with little hydration and no rest, it can lead to excessive puffiness. The best remedy is to apply cool cucumber slices on your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes and immediately apply an under eye product containing Vitamin C.


Parched skin

When the skin is already dry, the first thing you want to do is moisturize it as a quick fix. So, invest in a good moisturizer that will help you get rid of dirt, oil and makeup while actually putting hydration that’s been lost, back into the skin. Religiously follow a morning and night-time skincare regime and soon you will notice a difference.


Daily vitamins

While several skincare products help one protect their skin from damage, the food and vitamin intake plays a pivotal role in maintaining the skin’s well-being.

Ensure that your vitamin levels do not indicate a deficiency and choose the right supplement under the guidance of your doctor.

Allergic reaction

For sensitive skin, it is essential to take extra care and use products that are trusted. Avoid using excessive make-up and go natural for a couple of days. Avoid using paraben products, sulfate and lanolin. Opt for products like Cetaphil Skin Cleanser followed by a moisturizing cream or lotion that soothes and reduces the inflammation.







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