Care for heirloom jewellery

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New Delhi, Oct 10 (IANSlife) If your ancestors left you some heirloom jewellery, youve struck gold — quite literally! Heirloom objects can evoke nostalgia and a sense of familial pride, but it is also important to care for them. And jewellery passed down from generations, can be harder to maintain. Agra-basd Kohinoor Jewellers creative director and partner Milind Mathur suggests ways in which heirloom jewellery can be kept sparkling and intact.

1. Clean it well

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Jewellery endures the most when cleaned frequently. It prevents buildup of possibly harmful chemicals and keeps the stones clear of components that will scratch or cloud them. But remember, being gentle with jewellery is the key.

2. Polish it regularly

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What’s jewellery without sparkle. Cleaning delicate pieces with lint-free cloth and polishing them regularly can not only maintain their gloss, but also preserve them better.

3. Handle with care

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While putting on rings and other jewellery with semi-precious stones, never put the weight specifically on the stones. Pushing rings on or pulling bracelets by their stones can release the fastenings leading to the stones getting misplaced.

4. Store safely

Indeed your oft-worn pieces ought to be put away securely, when not embellishing your hand, neck, or wrist. The worst thing you can do for your semi-precious stones is to hurl them into a drawer or into a dish on your dresser. To guarantee your adornments remains scratch free, put them away as meticulously as you bought it. Keep earrings in separate sachets to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

5. Consistent checkups

Just as your car needs customary maintenance to keep it running well, so does your jewellery. Get your ornaments checked by a licenced jeweller every three to six months to assess for breakage and get them fixed.

6. Don’t wear broken jewellery

Stop wearing a piece the moment you spot any damage to it. Simply take it to your nearby jeweller or cutter and get it surveyed. Letting a professional address the issue early can help with the options available to rectify the issue.

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