Five ways to create the perfect ambience this Diwali

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New Delhi, Oct 16 (IANSlife) We often do not realise or give enough importance to the lighting around us, but it has a tremendous effect on our mood, health, vision and our general well-being. And the more the merrier route may not always be true for lighting.

Prachi Laud, foundering partner & CEO, Light Doctor shares tips on how to light up your home this Diwali.

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1. Install lighting automation

Lighting automation and dimmer controls provide the flexibility to set up moods as per your choice. If you are trying to create a calm atmosphere, you can dim the lights and tune them to warmer colour tones. For cleaning mode, tune them to cooler tones and for party mode, set them to coloured lighting.

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2. Create layers of light

Layering is the most effective way to do home lighting. The first layer is ambient light, which is also called general lighting and can be achieved by installing downlights, linear lights and cove lighting. The second layer is accent light, which can highlight a specific feature like an artwork or a special wall texture. Task lighting is more focused type of lighting that makes cooking, reading, writing and other tasks easier.

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3. Choose the right colour lighting

You can use a combination of warmer and cooler colour lighting fixtures in your home. Most of us are used to seeing our homes in cooler colour lighting because of the traditional fluorescent tubelights and we feel this is the most preferred lighting colour for our homes. But the best way is to have a mix of both warmer and cooler coloured lighting. Use decorative lighting in warmer colour tones for your living room and bedrooms, and cooler colours for task-oriented places like kitchen and storeroom. In bathrooms, one must have a mix colour tones lights, and one should avoid switching on cooler colour lightings before going to bed.

4. Create drama

While designing a room, we always create a focal point or a highlighting feature in the space. It could be a wall with bold texture, an intricate sculpture or a designer furniture piece. To highlight the most interesting feature, the lighting needs to be planned.Overhead lights, for example, chandeliers, pendants and ceiling fixtures commonly give general surrounding lighting in a room and work both as task lighting and decoration.

5. Consider back-lit decorative objects

This is ideal for anyone who likes a sense of fun in the room. You can buy the decorative objects that have inbuilt lights or use the strip LED lights behind or underneath to create a bit of drama. You can also do it by adding self-illuminating furniture pieces and backlit mirrors.



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