Inside the millennial kitchen

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New Delhi, Oct 11 (IANSlife) Guess which is the most important room in the house for the millenials. Surveys say it’s the kitchen, which has transformed from being a purely functional zone into a space of personal expression, a space to relax and unwind now that millenials are staying home to eat much more than their parents did, either cooking their own food, or ordering in.

Here are the top five things the millennials look for in a kitchen:

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Millennials are environmentally conscious hence their kitchens are increasingly eco-friendly. They are getting rid of plastics, and are moving towards airtight glass containers for food storage, and glass or copper for water storage.

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Simplicity and ease of use

With work, exercise, active social lives (online and offline), millenials are busy. No wonder they place high importance on convenience. They are choosing borosilicate glass containers and storage jars that are stackable, freezer and microwave safe, and can be used to heat, serve and store. The traditional mixer grinder has given way to sleeker appliances like the Nutrifresh blender, which are compact and easy to use.

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Preoccupation with wellness

Don’t let prioritisation of convenience fool you. Eating healthy is top priority for the millennials. And with the increasing awareness about the dangers of plastic, they are opting for glass and stainless steel utensils, not allowing plastic to come in contact with their food. There is also a great attention to detail when choosing cooking utensils – with millennials ditching their non-stick pans for stainless steel or traditional cast iron cookware.


In the age of Instagram, how can aesthetics not be important? Millennials prefer modular kitchens that are full of light and air. With crockery, they are moving away from traditional materials such as steel to more attractive options such as opal glass, which is light, strong, scratch and stain proof and stackable ensuring no trade off between aesthetics and convenience.

The art of food

Food habits and choices are constantly evolving with exposure and travel. Millennials are including a lot more international cuisine in their daily eating and their fridges are stocked with a mix of ingredients. How the ingredients are stored is extremely important to ensure they don’t lose their aroma and flavour. So airtight containers are more preferred.

Priyanka Kheruka is the Brand Head at Borosil Glass Works Ltd.



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