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New Delhi, Sep 12 (IANSlife) Couturier Gaurav Gupta has been on a launch spree nowadays. First it was his jewellery line at this couture show last month, on Tuesday he unveiled his debut store in Kolkata and coming up next is flagship store in Hyderabad.

Located in the 109-year old, restored heritage destination, Galleria 1910, the “experiential retail space” will feature bridal couture, women’s haute couture along with GG Man wedding and occasion wear collections. This store also marks 15 years of merging indigenous Indian construction and embellishing techniques with his futuristic style.

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IANSlife enters the Gaurav Gupta universe to see the ongoing magic that couturier is spinning.

First and foremost, get to the bottom of why the designer launched his own jewellery line; “my couture sensibility lends itself to jewellery really well. Whenever, we make beautiful couture clothes for our clients, their diamond jewellery is all wrong and I cringe inside when I see the pictures. I see images of my brides wearing our couture, and am like why is she wearing that necklace or earrings! While make-up has evolved to a certain extent, jewellery hasn’t. Occasions Fine Jewellery came along when we did a show collaboration together. I saw their craftsmanship and was exposed to their hundreds years of diamond business. Their quality is great and that’s how this brand Gaurav Gupta Occasions Fine Jewellery was born.”

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Speaking of aesthetics, jewellery in India isn’t just about style, it’s seen as much more, so how will the brand position itself. Replies the designer: “Aesthetics in general is very important, a lot of times even ‘wearbility’ is an important factor. In India, more than anywhere else in the world, jewellery is seen as investment and not for design. We have entered the jewellery business from a different angle, it’s from the school of thought, that yes it is investment, but you’re also investing in design. These are collectable items which will appreciate not just the diamond value but also for their artistic value.”

Five stores strong in 15 years, the universe of Gaurav Gupta keeps expanding. “The Gaurav Gupta Universe is now Gaurav Gupta woman, man, jewellery, accessories, we’ve also got Gaurav Gupta furniture. There will be a strong focus on interiors as we’ve already designed spaces for people, it’s all in the very near future; it’s not a question of if but when,” he said.

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Gupta is also set to launch his store in Hyderabad next month, scaling up a brand so rapidly means a lot of investment. Is he looking to bring investors on board? Answers the surrealistic designer: “We are very open to the idea as we are at the next phase of the brand. I’m willing to consider investment provided its with the right structure and the right minds. We are not looking at investment as just in terms of money, if and when it happens, it will be a collaborative investment.”

Speaking about his new store he states: “We have always aimed to open our flagship stores with a unique mix of couture, glamour, aspiration, warmth and welcome. Each of our stores across the country aim to be an extension of the Gaurav Gupta world. A lot of my work finds its foundations in surrealism and magic realism. I find myself going back to beauty in art and architecture, abstraction and magic…. and Kolkata has so much of it… I am excited to finally be here extending my brand to this rich milieu of culturally rooted yet futuristic audience.”

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