Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Know the right colour for your clothes to enhance your personality?

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We all love colored clothes. But do you know what color suits you the best?

A color combination is absolutely a must while choosing your clothes. The reason, color helps you to enhance oneself giving you a better appearance and better confidence.

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This is where color contrast plays a major role and what color goes best for a person. Let's take a deep look at it again.

Dark Shirt – Light pant
A dark shirt paired up with a light pant always will stand out as both contrasts with each other. Also, the combination is best suited for a person who has a light-colored tone.

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Light Shirt – Dark pant
A very common combination often used by many especially while going for a formal occasion like interviews, parties, etc. Mostly, this combo suits best for both people who have a fair and also dark complexion.

Also speaking on colors, Solid colors are always preferable for a formal occasion, while striped or dotted shirts are preferable for any occasion.

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Colors like white, light blue and yellow are often used to enhance one's personality and also help stand out from others.

So what's your take on colors?

Stay tuned to know more.

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