Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Like perfumes? Know the right way to put it

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Perfume is all that you like since it helps you to enhance our body odor and allows us to keep confidence throughout the day. But do you know when and how to put perfume on the body?

Be it Dior, Paco Rabanne or a simple perfume that we use in our daily life, applying in the right way and the right manner helps you to get the best out of it.

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You might think as to why or what are the ways to put a perfume to get the correct essence out of it.

Remember one thing, your body emits a certain amount of heat and applying perfume in some areas helps to get the best out of it.

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So let's see which are the best places to apply the perfume:

Behind the ears
The area behind the ears is the first place where a maximum amount of heat is emitted and applying the perfume there helps to get the best out of it.

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Inner elbows
The next place is the inner elbows. Since that is the point where a lot of times the area gets folded emitting a good amount of heat.

After the ear, is the neck where you get the best out of the perfume.

Inner wrist
Be it, writing, painting or simple moment of hand, the inner wrist moves very often, hence applying perfume in that area helps to get the best essence out of it. 

Stay tuned to know more.

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