Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Time to celebrate

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New Delhi, Oct 17 (IANSlife) Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington, known for its sleek, stylish and minimalist designs, recently launched its Iconic Link collection in Delhi. The Iconic Link is a modern take on a classic design released after three years of meticulous craftsmanship and design and the collection was launched by Daniel Wellington brand ambassadors Ayushmann Khurrana and Radhika Apte.

IANSlife caught up with Ayushmann Khurrana at the launch.

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* Tell us about your association with Daniel Wellington and how the brand compliments your style?

AK: I like my watch to be a part of my everyday style statement and Daniel Wellington embodies such timeless elegance. While I am lucky enough to have quite a few Daniel Wellington models – each of which is distinct – in my collection, of late I’ve been wearing the newly launched Iconic Link watch. The brand resonates with me and I am grateful to be a part of its incredible journey and look forward to what’s to come.

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* What has Daniel Wellington in store for Diwali?

AK: The brand has upped its festive gifting game with a curated Special Edition #DIWALI box that features a Iconic Link watch to match the dazzle of the festival.

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* What are your Diwali plans?

AK: I will be celebrating the festival with my family and friends. It’s usually an intimate gathering with my loved ones where we celebrate and spend time with each other.

* Have the lines between “commercial” and the so-called “alternate” cinema blurred?

AK: The lines have been gradually blurring, with an increasing number of mainstream films adopting the conventions which were once strictly associated with parallel cinema. Content-driven cinema in mainstream Bollywood has always worked and I feel extremely fortunate that the roles I have done have been so versatile.

I believe this is the golden age of the Indian cinema, where all kinds of films are working. Today, the content is the king, as films across the spectrum are doing well.

I think the industry and the audiences are changing simultaneously. Ultimately, it boils down to the entertainment value. If you are making people laugh or cry, it doesn’t matter if it is slapstick or sensible, it will do well.

* As a winner of many awards, do you feel awards are an acknowledgment of talent and

hard work?

AK: Definitely, it feels great being appreciated for the work you put in. It gives you a great sense of responsibility and motivation that people are acknowledging your talent and that it’s making an impact on their minds. I have had a wonderful experience working for all my films. Wish to keep getting better and better.



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