Friday, October 22, 2021

Travel sustainable

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New Delhi, Oct 3 (IANSlife) Sustainable or responsible travelling is not just a fad. It has become a necessity now. The Roadtripsco member Deepak Ananth suggests tips to keep in mind before starting out on a journey.

1. Think local, travel local

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Ours is a large country. Other than the usual tourist spots that everyone has on their bucket list, there are plenty of places to see near your own home. Wherever you decide to travel, try to go as local as possible. This is specially beneficial for a quick weekend getaway, on which homestays and farm stays allow you to bask in the local culture. Planning is key – try using local travel guides to learn more about the culture of the place that you travel to.

2. Take back what you bring and more

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Carry a trash bag to collect the waste that you generate while you travel. If you are a foodie who loves chips, make sure you don’t litter the destination or the roads by throwing your waste around. Put it in the trash bag and bring it back with you. This small step makes a huge difference in the health of the environment and the ecosystem.

3. Plan before you leap

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Unless you are one of the lucky few, who has their official leaves in spades, you will need to make the most of the limited time you have to get the most out of your holiday. Planning a trip isn’t just about the hotels. You can use a planner or a local scout to find out where the best dhabas, restrooms and petrol stations are on the way to the destination, and even a small detour that takes you to a unique point of interest.

4. Find your travel group

For those who love to travel solo but are not confident of things to do when they travel, it’s a good idea to join a community of travellers that takes care of you. is a community that plans such outings in over 20 cities in India and most of them are weekend getaways. You need not worry about where to book a stay or the pit stops along the way, the captain or the lead in the group manages everything. Truly a hassle-free way of travelling for families with kids, singles and even pets!

5. Respect local culture

India’s diversity is its greatest strength. But it can be unnerving sometimes because what you are used to in a city might not be the norm in a place that you travel to. Learn about what are the local customs and practices before you head out. This is also done by talking to travellers, who have been there before and a community of road travellers definitely helps in this. Always understand that you are the guest and must be respectful of your hosts’ home. The host’s rules always take precedence.



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