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4084: Age no barrier for Naseer’s powerpack performances

If you are a consummate performer, then in your acting career, time indeed comes when you start commandeering a position, and the producers and directors start backing you up, in the form of making tailor made roles for you. It happened with Big B and now even Naseeruddin Shah  seems to be following in the sake league, manifest from the lead role that he has been given in CHAALIS CHAURAASI. It is after a long time that Naseeruddin Shah plays the role of a cop and one only hopes that it would stand in the same league as it was with TRIDEV which was the occasion when Naseeruddin Shah walked over into the world of commercial cinema.

As a matter of fact Naseeruddin Shah could be considered one of the most successful stars for the year 2011 as he has been an integral part of the highly successful film THE DIRTY PICTURE. 4084 in fact provides an opportunity to underline the kind of performances that he has given during the last two years or so, whereby he can now be considered to be at par with Big B as far as enacting the role of character acting is considered.


Nikki Tamboli

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Pragya Jaiswal

Asim Riaz

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