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Bald is the new fashion statement

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All those trichologists who take out fancy advertisements in the newspapers, magazines, and other forms of media platforms inducing those who are suffering from hair losses to try out their medications, would die a death when Karan Johar's AGNEEPATH releases. It is because of the fact that Sanjay Dutt is playing the role of a Bald Kancha Cheena, a character that was played with finesse by Danny in earlier version of AGNEEPATH. Suddenly bald is in as a fashion statement it seems, more so through the world of Hindi cinema that defines the sartorial trend, a trend that evolved with Big B's famous side burns and is morphing into a statement by shedding the whole bunch load. 

Incidentally, while mainstream Hindi film actors have taken a long time to warm up to it, Hollywood actors did not have any qualms to shave off the hair if the character demanded. It was Yule Brynner, the famous Hollywood actor who had made bald pate a fashion statement.

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With Sanjay Dutt setting the trend, and Arjun Rampal also shedding his famous manes in RA.ONE, it indeed is a time to run through such characters in the Hindi film industry who have created a style statement through their hair style or rather by shedding the hair to create the style.

K.N.Singh: The menacing eyes of the villain, with his baritone voice and the twirl of eyebrows and the bald pate, really spooked Raj Kapoor into submission in his eponymous film AWARA. Subsequently, however, K.N. Singh did not appear in the bald pate, where one to discount the appearance that he had made in KAALIA, by which time he had grown bald.

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Kishore Kumar: Going bald as per the cannons of Hindu religious literature is to connote inauspiciousness, but Kishore Kumar took it to a totally different levels. There are anecdotes associated with him, where he used to shed his hair and pop up on the shooting venue, if his payments were not made, i.e. Kishore Kumar had used it as a symbol of protest.

Persis Khambatta: She in all probability is the first female actor from the world of Hindi cinema who had shaved off her hair to appear as one of the main characters in the famous serial STAR TREK. She was followed by Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das who shaved off their lovely locks to enact roles in the controversial film WATER. Shilpa Shetty was also asked to go bald for THE DESIRES, but she chose not to, but Antara Mali went ahead and shaved off her hair to enact the character in Amol Palekar's film AND ONCE AGAIN where she enacted the role of a monk.

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Ben Kingsley: His name is included here, as he enacted the role of Mahatma Gandhi in Richard Attenborough's eponymous film GANDHI, and thenceforth continued to sport a bald head in most of his characters.

Kulbhushan Kharbanda: it was one of the biggest existentialist dilemmas for Ramesh Sippy to wriggle out of the monster of Gabbar Singh that he had created in SHOLAY for his new villain in SHAAN, and the device chosen to convey menace was a bald pate. Yes, Kulbhushan Kharbanda would be one of those rare actors who made his debut in the world of Hindi cinema as a bald villain. It is altogether a different fact that even the bald pate could not let people forget Gabbar Singh may be, twenty years ago, going bald was still a stigma and not a fashion statement.

Amrish Puri: Here is one of the most apparent paradoxical situations for an actor of Hindi cinema who otherwise used to maintain a bald pate but seldom got an opportunity through his characters to play a role displaying a bald pate in the films, in spite of the fact that he had created menacing looks with his bald pate in DAYAVAN where he had played the role of a bald police inspector. It is reported that in the sequel of MR.INDIA, where Salman Khan is going to play the role of Mogambo, he might also follow in the leak of big brother Sanju baba to go bald.

Feroze Khan: Though he was an actor with a lovely mane, he also subsequently gave them a go by and in his last film before he passed away, WELCOME, appeared as one of the most convincing characters in the Hindi cinema.

One only hopes that with Sanjay Dutt, creating the trend, more such actors, especially of the likes of Akshay Khanna, Jackie Shroff and Javed Jaffrey who have lost hair would take inspiration from Sanjay Dutt and would not have an inhibition to appear bald in the public.

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