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Monday, October 18, 2021

Farah Khan and her obssesion with sexy bodies

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Farah Khan indeed should be complemented for the streak of body building that she initiated with her film OM SHANTI OM, where she presented Shah Rukh Khan in a six pack abs and now with TEES MAAR KHAN she has done the same with Katrina Kaif. Such has been the influence of this factor in the world of performing arts that now a new drama has been planned, in Broadway style, known as ZINGORA FIRST whose singular claim to fame is six pack abs, and Farah Khan indeed need to be accorded the importance for unleashing this phenomenon on the psyche of the country men through her characters to induce them to aspire for chiseled bodies.

They say that Hindi cinema has not inspired, the mainstream cinema, but it cannot be said about Farah Khan who through all her three films so far, be it MAIN HOON NA, OM SHANTI OM or yet to be released TEES MAAR KHAN has driven home the point that the main characters of the world of her creation need to have figures which the fans and the followers should aspire for. After all, what better thing to aspire for than a body that is perfect in all proportions and what better way to emulate it than through the cinematic idols! The work out that Katrina Kaif did for the song Sheila Ki Jawaani has become a talk of the town and quite a lot of young ladies have started aspiring to have that kind of figure. For Farah the complement for triggering this initiative is more so pertinent, as she herself has not been able to maintain the same kind of figure that she dreams for her characters in the movies that she has made so far, or the songs that she has directed so far.

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Gone are the days when the lead actors could carry on with a sloppy figure as now the audience also demands a figure that could sweep them off their feet, and Farah Khan's name would be documented in the annals of history for this effort. After all, she started the trend of svelte figures being choreographed through her mesmerizing song Chaiya Chaiya atop the Ooty train in DIL SE, and from then on, she has in all probability played the role of a catalyst to induce Malaika Arora Khan to have a figure of awe, and one only hopes that Katrina Kaif after Sheila ki Jawaani in TEES MAAR KHAN would continue to sport the same svelte figure that she has got for this film. It indeed would be a killer moment for Hindi cinema.

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