Humour : Filmfare awards 2020 is a spiritual awakening


“Filmfare awards 2020 is a spiritual awakening for this country”, says Mani Kapoor ‘note’d filmmaker and spokesperson of Filmfare awards in an exclusive chat with this author. Excerpts from the conversation.

It’s the morning after the coveted night at Guwahati, as the twitterati are losing their cool and keeping my phone hysterically buzzing with post ranting for what is believed to be the most namakool (ridiculous) award’s night. Zoya Akhtar directed GULLY BOY starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt has swept the awards night by bagging best picture, actor, director, and actress etc, leaving the much deserving URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE, SONCHIRIYA, HAMID, THE TASHKENT FILES, BATLA HOUSE, and SECTION 375 way behind in the race. The nonstop vibration on my phone gets interrupted by a ring tone. It’s noted producer Mani Kapoor on the line and is highly elated.

Hello Mani this side, many many congrats he says, ‘congrats’ for what?, I ask in a state of shock and surprise both at the same time and the conversation begins.


Mani Kapoor : GULLY BOY has set an example, The FILMFARE 2020 is a spiritual awakening, am so happy and delighted that at last we have something to inspire our dear nation.

Myself : What are you talking, the ‘nation’ is going furious over alleged serious negligence and supposed favoritisms lyricist like Manoj Muntashir who was nominated for ‘Teri Mitti’ from the movie KESARI alongside ‘Apna Time Aayega’ lyricist Divine and Ankur Tewari from GULLY BOY for best lyrics and he was left so disheartened that he announced his boycott of award functions. This is so sad and painful.

Mani Kapoor : Grow up boy, have you lost it. Where is your creative insight, pagle?!. First of all – the lyrics of ‘Apna Time Aayega’ is written by ‘Divine’ along with Ankur Tiwari. Just read the lines and do read in between as well. For example –Kaun bola mujh se na ho payega?, Kaun bola, Kaun bola? Apna Time Aayega! Uth ja apni raakh se, Tu uth ja ab talaash mein, Parwaaz dekh parwaane ki, Aasmaan bhi sar uthayega, Aayega, apna time aayega.  


Myself: Yeah it’s good but not that deserving.

Mani Kapoor : Oh dear, I expected a better insight from you who claims to understand the language of cinema and have a penetrating insight regarding art, culture, poetry. A money minded no brainer masala maker like me got the chord to perfection and the so called genius of art and cinema like you are juvenilely harping on that nanga hi toh aaya hai thing.. Boss uske aage padho, samjho.. (read further from the opening line and discover the hidden philosophy –Uth Ja Apni Rakh Se.. Tu Uth Ja Ab Talash Mein.. it’s beyond that passionate dream of laying your life for the nation and getting reborn again Mitti mein mill jawaan, Gul banke main khill jawaan, Itni si hai dil ki aarzoo, Manoj Muntashir’s lyrics are soul massaging and incredibly motivational but that sweeping ‘divine’ spirit/influence is lacking. Otherwise Manoj Muntashir’s ‘Mitti’ was the front runner beyond any iota of doubt.

Myself : Sir, your sudden shift towards this ‘spirituality’ is beyond imagination for a common cinegoer for whom you make your movies. Even, if I accept your gyan (knowledge/explanation) behind this weird explanation of difference between naga aayega  and mitti, It’s a known fact Filmfare awards are cursed since decades for its unworthy/unholy selections.


Mani Kapoor : Please elaborate with examples, will respond with the truth. ‘Divine’ kasam.

Myself: Easy sir. The list is endless but to support my statement here are some well known facts.

Mani Kapoor : shoot

Myself : The Thespian Dilp Kumar with eight wins as best actor, suddenly stopped going to the award function for his own reasons. The legend Pran returned his award in protest against injustice done to music director Ghulam Mohammad for his outstanding brilliance in PAKEEZAH in 1973. Pran returned his award as best supporting actor for the film BE – IMAAN. B-town first super star Rajesh Khanna threw a party bang on the awards night which was attended by some top producers of those times. Rajesh Khanna nominated for RADHANA and ITTEFAQ lost it to Ashok Kumar (AASHIRWAD). Aamir Khan’s boycott after RANGEELA, Salman Khan (11 nominations but not a single win). The popular allegation that the awards are paid and manipulated. The Sajid Khan, Ashutosh Gowarikar outburst during an award function. Vicky Kaushal not getting best debut for MASAN, Tabu not getting Filmfare for CHANDINI BAR etc, etc. Many people think Filmfare awards is a circus and what an irony the bodies of our film industry does not have a proper designated awards like Academy(Oscars) for its people. A publication takes the onus and runs it as per its wills and fancies.

Mani Kapoor : Why you people are stuck at the sad/bad history. GULLY BOY is our passage/road/first step towards ‘freedom’. I fail to understand why you are not getting it.

Myself : So you mean to say there is some more enlightenment to GULLY BOY victory march apart from your surreal nanga aaya v/s mitti mein comparison.

Mani Kapoor : Of course there is and I am saying it with sheer conviction.

Myself : Interesting. Pass the Enlightenment prabhuji

Mani Kapoor : Of course my child. My pleasure!.   

Mani Kapoor : Just look at the world around you. It’s so disturbing. Hope is dying every second. So much happening in the name of religion, nation and what not?. Passion for the nation is a must. Par jis mitti ke liye humne aspe sar par kesari bandha us mitti ki gully, gully mein logo ko intezar hai.. unka time (hope, better life) kab aayega and in the end isn’t it the ultimate ‘divine’ truth that hum khali haath aaye thein, khali haath jayeinge. What has happened to the ‘thinking  sensible’ people like you who are blindly following the mad social media crowd who know nothing about cinema and art.

Myself : (after a deep breath). Anything more to add sir?.

Mani Kapoor : Last but not the least. If good filmmakers like Zoya etc won’t share the ‘divine’ feelings of its audiences spreading every ‘Gully’ and won’t have any ilu ilu or gulu gulu with their feelings then that audience like Alia Bhatt in GULLY BOY inko dhoptegi  na next time jab yeh log picture banayega toh


(The above article is a figment of imagination of the author; the website does not hold any responsibility)



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