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Five times Shraddha Kapoor‘s love for animals won our hearts and made us go ‘aww’!

It’s no surprise that when we recall an avid animal lover from the industry, Shraddha Kapoor leads the list

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It’s no surprise that when we recall an avid animal lover from the industry, Shraddha Kapoor leads the list.

Time and again, the actress has proven that she not only loves and cares for animals but also, is concerned towards their welfare.

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With empathy, Shraddha even during the lockdown has made sure that she does her bit towards them. Here are the five times to prove that there’s no bigger animal lover than Shraddha Kapoor, herself-

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The actress has always shown her love towards them and her recent poem for the animals on the feeling of being caged with  #LockdownZoos spread like wildfire and was appreciated by everyone.


Animals too have immense compassion and this video that Shraddha shared of an elephant splashing water at another, helping each other unconditionally really tells us how much the actress loves them.

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Shraddha also has a pet and we often see her post pet-fies with ‘Syloh’. We adore those lovey dovey videos and such fun squishy love drops.


A dog’s friend is the best friend. Well, we created this one because Shraddha makes us believe in so! Be it on her vacation or at home, the actress truly knows how to show love towards these little beings- stray dogs who deserve to be loved too.


Seldom we see a star taking out time on the sets of her shoot to feed the stray ‘hoomans’. Well, Shraddha makes sure to do that and it is adorable!


Truly, a nature lover and an animal lover- Shraddha Kapoor has always stood as an example of how one can care for animals. Even during the lockdown, she urged everyone to help mark their donations as she did.

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