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GAME: Fasten your seat belts for real action

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Releasing a day earlier than finals of the World Cup match at Mumbai on 2nd April 2011, Abhinay Deo has taken a monumental risk, but he must be convinced in his heart of hearts that in the season of GAME his GAME would establish a chord with the audience. He is another ad film maker who is now taking the bow in the world of films. 

He has the pedigree as well, being the son of famous Marathi actors Ramesh Deo and Seema Deo, who used to be a regular feature in most of the Big B films and have one of the most successful production houses in Marathi cinema. No wonder, the son has taken the friendship of the parents to next generation by aligning his fortunes with Abhishek Bachchan to make his debut in Hindi films through GAME. He indeed is a hot shot director as his second film after GAME is DELHI BELLY, the next offering from Aamir Khan Productions. His direction of ad films is characterized by wittiness and sharp cuts, which seems to be predominant motif of GAME as well. His name in itself underlines the importance his parents have for acting in their life, Abhinay connoting acting, performance. 

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His skill over his craft is manifest from the fact that Riteish Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar have bestowed confidence in him to direct an action film for their production house. Though Abhishek Bachchan is having a rather purple patch, Abhinay Deo was confident that the story that he wrote for GAME demanded that Abhishek Bachchan play the lead role in GAME. 

Ad film makers who have stepped into film making have been rather fortunate in adding their own personal style to the art of film making (e.g. Balki, a popular name in Advertising industry, made films like CHEENI KUM and PAA) and Abhinay Deo is one more addition to the genre, and one only hopes that he would make a mark for himself with panache with GAME, and icing on the cake would be DELHI BELLY.

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