HBD Kamal Haasan: Similarity with Shah Rukh Khan and generosity with Rajinikanth

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India’s answer to De Niro and Pacino’s of the world, Kamal Hassan turned 62 today. India’s living legend’s immense contribution to Indian cinema is tremendous.

Here we list two interestingly awe-inspiring occasions involving Bollywood’s King of Romance – Shah Rukh Khan and superstar Rajnikanth that shows the kind and generous side of the actor who has proven his dominance in Indian film history.

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Many would be wondering what’s the equation between Kamal Haasan and Shah Rukh Khan apart from HEY RAM – the period drama produced and directed by Kamal Haasan in 2000 that also starred Shah Rukh Khan?

Interestingly, before the infamous SRK episode of getting detained at US airport in 2010 which became the talk of the nation, Kamal Haasan went through a similar experience in 2002 at the Toronto airport.

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Kamal was in Canada to shoot for his Tamil comedy PANCHATHANTHIRAM and was reportedly stopped from boarding a flight to Los Angeles by customs officers. The officers found Kamal Haasan’s name to be the problem. Kamal also went through the same humiliations and series of interrogation after finally sense prevailed and he was allowed to take the flight.

The pillars of south Indian film industry Kamal and Rajinikanth have good respect for each other though their die-hard fans in their affection try to place their icon over the other. It’s Kamal Haasan’s kind gesture and his remarkable acting skills that helped Rajinikanth in his grooming as an actor. 

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Before deciding to take their paths, Kamal and Rajinikanth worked together in 9 Tamil movies, 2 Telugu movies and in 1 Hindi movie (GERAFTAAR) that also starred Amitabh Bachchan.

Rajinikanth has reportedly confessed that K.Balachander – the mentor of both Kamal and Rajinikanth would advise Rajinikanth to observe Kamal Haasan and learn the minutes of acting.

Today, the actor turns 62 we wish the icon a very happy birthday and hope to see the dream of watching Kamal and Rajinikanth together on silver screen turning into a reality. Kamal has himself reportedly expressed the possibility if things work out.

We have lost the opportunity to see Big B and Kamal Haasan together in KHABARDAR – the movie that was said to trigger the debate on the use of euthanasia. The movie got reportedly shelved after being shot for 16 reels.

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