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Is Salman Khan’s playback in BODYGUARD revisit of READY song?

Dhinka Chika of READY returns in a new packaged version in BODYGUARD as the title song which has been sung by Salman Khan himself. Salman Khan seems to be inspired from the cult status that Dhinka Chika achieved in READY, and seems to be trying to address his fans by harking back to the famous jives from READY. After all, it is Pritam again who is giving the music, and also included in the team of music composition is Salman Khan's one time protege, to a turn coat and now coming back to Salman Khan's fold again, Himesh Reshammiya.

It seems that Salman Khan has forgiven Himesh for the betrayal that Himesh Reshammiya had done against Salman Khan. One is reminded of one of the shows of Antakshari where Salman Khan and Himesh Reshamiya had appeared side by side and Salman Khan had not left an opportunity to pull the legs of Himesh Reshammiya. 

May be, as BODYGUARD shooting started alongside release of READY Salman Khan may have tried to encash upon the popularity of Dhinka Chika. But it has probably happened for the first time that one is inspired from the music of a film which has been released few months ago. May be, Salman Khan could have the belief that he has a process patent over the song, and therefore it has been included by him in BODYGUARD as well! 

Whatever is the case, Salman Khan has again underlined the premise that his films should have songs that should capture the imagination of the nation, and it indeed is an integral part of his acting life, highlight of his acting career so to say. It caught on as a trend after MAINE PYAAR KIYA and continues to prosper with BODYGUARD as well. Salman Khan is one of the rare few stars whose film like KHAMOSHI crashed at box office but its songs still are one of the most successful songs. 

BODYGUARD would have the unique distinction of being the first film where Salman Khan has given music direction, the song being Teri Meri Prem Kahani, which would appear along with credit in the end. It needs to be emphasized however that in his maiden endeavor Salman Khan got ample help from his protege Himesh Reshammiya, and one only hopes that the song would glue the audience to the seat to watch it in full, after all, in the song Kareena is appearing in orange sari. Sounds familiar! 3 IDIOTS, and an inspiration from a successful film perhaps.


Kiara Advani

Hina Khan

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

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