Sunday, October 24, 2021

JHOOTHA HI SAHI: New film & new look for John Abraham

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If one were to look at the promos of JHOOTHA HI SAHI, does not something click in them in the mind after seeing the character being played by John Abraham in the film? Oh come on, still not able to co-relate? Well, does the looks of John Abraham in JHOOTHA HI SAHI not inspired by the looks of the SUPERMAN that SUPERMAN used to go along with when he was portraying the normal character in his films. Indeed, it reminds one of the linkages with Superman, and the looks have consciously been designed in such a manner to give it a superman like appearance.

JHOOTHA HI SAHI's moments seem to have been inspired from LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI, where Sanjay Dutt plays the role of online counselor who uses the medium of a radio for counseling, while in case of JHOOTHA HI SAHI John Abraham morphs into the role of an online counselor, so that the lady in question, Pakhi, who is the wife of the writer director Abbas Tyrewala, playing the leading female character, does not commit suicide. 

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It is also happening for the first time that a director has casted his wife in a film in the recent times, instead of taking a popular face and Abbas Tyrewala seems to have taken a calculated risk by giving the role to Pakhi, his wife. Incidentally, this was a trend in the Hindi cinema during the sixties and the seventies when the female lead stars used to act in the films being directed by their husbands, as it was in case of Sadhna, who used to act in films produced by R.K. Nayyar, Meena Kumari in the films made by Kamal Amrohi, etc. all. The difference in the case of JHOOTHA HI SAHI however lies in the fact that the lady in question is not already an established star, but is stepping into the arena of acting for the first time, though she has proved her merit of understanding the film craft through her brilliant behind the camera enactments in JAANE TU YAA JAANE NAA along with her husband Abbas Tyrewala. 

For both the lead actors John Abraham and Pakhi Tyrewala JHOOTHA HI SAHI is going to be an acid test, as John Abraham is not playing the role of a hunk that he normally plays on the screen, while Pakhi is a new face who has to make her presence felt in the world of Hindi cinema. However, going by the credentials of Abbas Tyrewala with relation to JAANE TU YAA JAANE NAA, it should be a film worth looking forward to.

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