On International Tiger Day, we take a look at Tigers in Cinema

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Tigers have been a very important part for India. Tigers are referred to as the National Animal Of India and is one of the majestic animals of the country.

What people don't know is that India is the only country where we have a combined population of both Tigers and Lions in one country together.

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Speaking on Tigers, very few movies have covered up on the issues of Tigers. One such movie was Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans. A movie which highlights the beauty of the majestic beast. The film was written and directed by Kamal Sadanah. The movie is sure to give you chills and thrills as it highlights the issue of Tigers as well as the geography in which it stays.

Although the movie garnered mixed reviews what made the audience go WOW!! was that every aspect of the animal Tiger and their demography was well covered. Their dietary habits, the survival skills and most importantly their fierce nature, etc. were all covered in detail.

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Although Tigers is one of the most revered animals of India, their population is decreasing day by day. Some factors that contribute to its decline are Illegal poachings and mass hunting, we find that Tigers are on a decline. 

It is our duty to protect the tigers and preserve the beauty of our country.   

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