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Why PANGA should be tax free across India

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Why PANGA should be tax free across India

PANGA – The inspirational feel good family drama based on the Indian sport of Kabaddi is getting appreciated from all corners. Starring Kangana Ranaut in lead, the movie directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, is a toast to women empowerment, mother hood and much more..

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PANGA – is an ideal family outing in theatre a cinema that entertains, enthralls and massages our soul. Here are the reasons why it should be made tax free across India.

An ideal ode to womanhood

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Kangana Ranaut as Jaya Nigam is the women every man wants and a mother every child wants. The screenplay of PANGA by Nikhil Mehrotra, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, with special inputs from DANGAL fame Nitesh Tiwari showcases Kangana as the ideal Indian women. Starting with a girl who breaks norms by playing Kabbadi –  a rough sport dominated by males. She not only plays it but excels and becomes a champion Indian captain. Gets married with the man of her choice Prashant (Jassie Gill). She gives up on her passion for Kabaddi for the sake of her premature born son. She sacrifices her love for the sport for her family and she is happy in her new role. Jaya becomes the poster women of an ideal mother, wife and women.

The mother son relationship  

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The relationship between Jaya and her son Adi (Yagya Bhasin) is of a mother, friend and guide. Jaya is over protective due to Adi’s weak immune but occasionally allows him to binge on pizzas etc. the best part is when Adi comes to know about her mother’s passion for Kabbaddi, he motivates her to make a comeback. This is how a relationship between parents and children should be. Love caring and understanding travelling both ways. Ideally a mother is known for giving life and here Jaya finds her child giving the true meaning to her life.

The second chance

A human being has a single life to live and life doesn,t gives you a second chance to relive what you have given up. PANGA is all about grabbing the god send opportunity with both hands and rebuild that faith in you. Age is just a matter. Jaya makes a comeback at 32 to her favorite sport. How many of us especially women who have given up their passion due to family pressures etc get a second chance to make a comeback. PANGA urges us to take that second chance seriously.

Never give up on your dreams

Your dreams should never sleep. It may take a sabbatical but you should be proud of your talent, art and should never count yourself out. Jaya has given up playing Kabbadi but she has not lost the love for the game. She feels thrilled to see young Kabbadi players. Yes, there is a remorse hidden inside but Jaya never allows that remorse of not being able to play to affect her family. She doesn’t hate her husband or her son and never complains that she gave up on her passion because of them.

Appreciate the talent of your dear and near ones

On realizing that her mother was a champion Kabbadi player once, Adi motivates her to make a comeback. it’s a harsh truth that in many households the talent of the housewife apart from household activities is ignored by her own children and husband. In PANGA Adi lights the flame of her mother’s passion again.

Family support

A person is incomplete without a family and in PANGA Jaya’s family is an ideal family that comes together to support her dreams and ensures that she makes a comeback.

Sportsman spirit

Jaya even when not playing in the team and sitting in reserve, still thinks on how his team will win. In a team sports, winning is most important than anything else.

A tribute to the Indian sport Kabaddi

According to legends Kabbadi traces back to the days of MAHABHRATA, it is said that Arjuna use to perform this act – raiding the enemy territory and coming back safe.  Even during the time of Buddha it was said to be practiced. The game was played to display strength and win brides old timers say. People also say that it Kabbadi originated in Tamil Nadu over 4,000 years ago. Anyways, this ancient Indian sport is paid a tribute in this movie and the game which teaches agility, presence of mind and strength forms the backdrop of this inspirational family drama.

So, An ideal ode to womanhood, motherhood, ideal mother son relationship, the rare second chance, not letting your dreams go to sleep, family, bonding, respect for the talent of a family member, sportsman spirit and tribute to the ancient Indian sport Kabaddi.

All these in one single movie!!!, now if PANGA is not tax free across India today then who else.

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