Thursday, October 21, 2021

Phone Booths: A discounted commodity in changed landscape of Hindi cinema

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When was the last time when one saw an actor of a cinema communicating through a public telephone booth? In fact in all the gangster films of the yore as also in films have some element of sinister, phone booths played a very important part. However, it indeed is ironical that while Hindi cinema has embraced the new tools of technology, the importance that was awarded to a phone booth has now become a discounted commodity. This sweeping change that has come in the landscape of Hindi cinema has been more pronounced, as though Hollywood also embraced technology and in fact has been showing the satellite telephones through various films, in its eco-system the phone booths also share the space. It could be primarily owing to the fact that Hollywood still continues to rely on its gigantic studio sets to give the film a definite shape, while in the case of Hindi films, and Indian films per se, which are shot mostly on locations, as the phone booths have shifted out of the landscape they do not form a part of the cinematic oeuvre as well. 

These beings so, let's scratch our memory and go down memory lane to assimilate these films at one place.

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ZANJEER: When the reference to phone booths comes to mind, the film that immediately pops up into the landscape of brain is ZANJEER, Om Prakash with empty bottle in his hand, providing tips to Amitabh Bachchan was singular feature of this film.

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