Sunday, October 24, 2021

ROBOT collects more than 100 crore within a week

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Gods indeed have smiled on the film industry in the third quarter of the year 2010. Earlier, it was DABANGG and now ROBOT has literally set the box office on fire. As a matter of fact, ROBOT has emerged as the biggest grosser this season, though it is not a Hindi film, but a film that has been dubbed in Hindi. As a matter of fact, the phenomenal success that ROBOT continues to enjoy at the box office has made Shah Rukh Khan set his grey cells thinking and he is reportedly reshooting certain parts of RA.ONE.

The effect of ROBOT is to be seen to be believed. One can understand the euphoria about the film in Mumbai and other such metropolitan centres where eclectic mix of people can ensure that a film is a hit. But to experience the same phenomenon in up North city Chandigarh is indeed an experience that underlines the fact that if the content is good, and even though it might be dubbed, the audience is ready to lap it up. It was a morning show and even then the audience was there in large numbers and that too, a young crowd which enjoyed on each action and stunts of the film.

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The second half of the film is inspired by THE TRANSFORMER, but the action sequences have been tempered with the Indian sensibility and the street furniture with which the Indian audience is able to identify with relative ease, has emerged as the USP of ROBOT. The producer and director could very easily have situated the climax shooting into some foreign country, but to give it a realistic touch they shot it in India itself and result is there for all to see. 

It is not that the film has not gone to foreign locales; probably ROBOT is the first film which has shot a song at Mache Peechu, one of the most sought after tourist spots in the world in Peru. The interface with one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, the Inca and using them in the backdrop for the song also made it really enthralling. 

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So ROBOT in the end is really a cinematic oeuvre that has underlined the fact that man still is superior to machines and machines are not going to dominate the human future, at least in the near future. Rajnikant has shown that with backing of technology he still is king at the box office.

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