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SAHI DHANDHE GALAT BANDE: timely release of a film that is contextual

If you are making a contextual film, it is the sheer timing that ensures the footfalls initially, the timing associated with the context. SAHI DHANDHE GALAT BANDE produced by Pravin Dabas, is indeed opportune.

Parvin Dabas's SAHI DHANDHE GALAT BANDE is a film that is based in the hinterland of the Jat land aka Haryana and has brought out the succinct details of the business of land grab that operates in the areas near to the National Capital Region of New Delhi. 

SDGB is basically a film that focuses on the manner in which the business of land grab operates in the rural areas and how the systems are circumvented by few select people to pocket all the benefits. It is one of the few mainstream films that have been set up in the backdrop of Haryana, if one were to discount KHAP as it has not been shown in certain parts of the country, including Punjab as well. 

Parvin Dabas has used the earthy and the common sense of the Haryanvi to bring to fore the problems that plague the rural system, and also points out the dichotomy that exists in the country side when it comes to land. Land is indeed one of the priced commodities for a farmer, and the manner in which controversies associated with land have generated around Noida, Gurgaon and other parts of Haryana, SDGB is going to strike a chord. Parvin Dabas brings in his experience of North Indian jokes and has used then smartly in the film as and when the situation has demanded. 

It being a first film for Dabas, there are few glitches, but it can be glossed over if one really wants to enjoy the Haryanvi humor, as the element of humor tides over the glitches associated with the film. Being a film which is shot through and through with the portion of male bonding, a characteristic feature up North in the country, it should appeal to the world view of the North Indians in a much better manner. One only hopes that the new production house Very Fishy Films indeed gets recognition and one would get an opportunity to see other such portrayals from the hinterland up North.


Nazriya Nazim

Sidharth Shukla

Kajal Aggarwal

Rubina Dilaik

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