Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sheila Ki Jawaani, TEES MAAR KHAN and naming of the songs

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All the Sheilas of the world may be rather flabbergasted by the odes being paid to their "Jawaani", through the song, Sheila Ki Jawaani from TEES MAAR KHAN, but Hindi cinema has been rather consistent in their efforts to include names in songs right from the time when Shashi Kapoor followed in the footsteps of his elder brother Shammi Kapoor to jig. It is an ephemeral phenomenon that lasts for the time being, and later on people forget it.

The difference from those times to these times could lie in the fact that now there is such a big proliferation of all kinds of media and the nature of interactive embedded in them, the names may be difficult to go out of the vogue for some time. Otherwise, do we at all remember that a Jumma was asked to give a chumma by Big B in HUM? Well, at the time when HUM was released, the song was a rage. Or for that matter, O Maria O Maria from SAAGAR must have enraged quite a lot of Marias, and they would have rued about their names. Or for that matter, does anybody have an inkling that a song called "mera naam hai shabnam, pyaar se log mujhe shabbo kehte hain" from the film KATI PATANG was also an all time hit during its time? 

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As a matter of fact the phenomena of naming the songs after a female name is not relegated to the world of Hindi cinema, it is a distinct reality in the world of English pop as well. One of the most famous bands of its times Smokie had two all time great hits named after two female names, one was Shelly called, and the second was O Carol. If one were to do a search for these songs in the Google search, one would find that these two songs are the songs that have maximum download. But neither a Shelly nor a Carol protest when these songs are played even to this day. Possibly, it could be owing to the fact that there is a sense of understanding in the audience that these songs are in context of the film, but the Romeos of the times try to capitalize on the song to play mischief with the girls having either of these names. 

The moot point is these kind of songs come once in a blue moon and it is only coincidental that the names being written in the lyrics have numerous faces associated with the name and they have to live with the (in)famy associated with the song for the time it is in vogue.

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